Tender moments

Dear Friends,

Today I am still basking in the glow of our contemporary praise and worship service, held last night. Since we only have the service once a month, I try to hold onto this feeling as long as I can. I still love a traditional service, but somehow, singing my worship feels more personal. It seems a more active way to offer my heart up to God. It is a precious gift.

God blessed me with the wondrous opportunity to sing a song with my husband last night. I have sung with the praise team on other occasions, but this time, my heart was taken captive by the words as it hasn’t before. It was very intimate. The song we sang was for the musical offering and was entitled “Befriended”, by Matt Redell. I have mentioned before how moving it is for me to sing praise with my brothers and sisters in Christ, but to lift my voice to God in unison with my lifemate; this is beyond tender.

Last night, as Jeff and I reflected on the evening, I was reminded of a certain incident that happened early in our marriage. I was still a blushing bride in many ways, in love with the idea of happily ever after. We had two bathrooms in our first home, and for the sake of convenience, Jeff used one and I the other. On this particular morning that comes to mind, however, we had to get ready for the day in the same bathroom. I don’t know if the other shower was being recaulked, or if something was wrong with the toilet, but there we were, side by side at the sink. I remember turning to him as he started shaving, lather all over his face. Time seemed to stand still, and that moment is forever frozen in my mind. A wave of tenderness fell over me that was so tangible; I was immobilized. Something about sharing that space; that time of personal grooming, was so intimate, so completely vulnerable, that my heart almost broke.

That was how it felt last night. I wish I could explain to you the empty years of waiting I’ve had. Worshiping God is the tenderest, the most vulnerable of all places. But it is also the strongest and most powerful place that we could ever choose to be. I’ve waited so long to share this place with my husband.

Lift your hearts up to the Lord in thanks with me, Dear Ones! My husband now belongs to God! No matter how much time goes by, I will always marvel at the wisdom and perfection of God’s timing in this, the waiting.

Beyond everything we could ever ask or imagine, Dear Ones. Beyond everything. I am so blessed.

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