Dear Ones,

I hear that it is absolutely gorgeous outside, although I have to take the word of others, since I have been inside all day. I’m taking a little lunch break here at work and pining away for the sunshine. Yesterday was so beautiful in Teays Valley. It was difficult to remember the good April Fool’s mother nature gave us on Palm Sunday: the sky was sunny and bright one minute and dark and angry the next. But not yesterday, Mr. Sunshine was showing off! I went for a run in the afternoon and was captivated by the way the breeze blew the pear tree blossoms all around me. I felt like a grand lady in all of that fragrant confetti. The blossoms coated the concrete streets and my every stride fell onto a beautiful white luminescent carpet. Ah, I love the spring!

It is the most special of all weeks, leading to the most special of all days on our Christian calendar. The older I get, the more Easter means to me. When I was younger, meditating on the sacrifice made on the cross was always so disturbing to me. It wasn’t until a few short years ago that I could bring myself to even own such a symbol of (what I perceived as) sorrow. Couldn’t there have been a better way? Indeed, the depth of this love is difficult to explain to my children. They don’t want to think about the death of our Savior. I tell them anyway. I tell them gently and with awe. Because I know that one day they will understand, and this time is laying the foundation for that understanding. The cross that I used to see with sorrow, I now see with new eyes. I know the victory that it proclaims.

Happy Holy Week, Dear Ones! May yours be joyous and filled with wonder.

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