Of Birthdays and Palms

Hello, Dears! I have been negligent in my blogging, I fear. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’m another year older, for one thing. Joy. Now, I’m not one of these people who dreads birthdays. In fact, the older I get, the more comfortable I am feeling in this saggy ‘ol skin. I’m thankful for every day that I have. It’s just that, as the years creep up on me, I’m reminded of something that Beth Moore said when I went to see her in Lexington a few years ago. Beth reminded us that even as our physical bodies are fading away, our hearts are becoming stronger and wiser. When God created us, He created us for eternity. He gave us hearts and minds that increase in beauty with each passing season as we mature in our faith and love. After the original sin, our bodies became subject to death. And we begin to slowly die, bit by tiny bit, as soon as we are born. Beth pointed out that because we were created for eternity, it’s only natural that we yearn for a body that is the same. So there, we can stop feeling guilty for missing the body of our youth. God wanted us to stay that way! Well, maybe not exactly that way, but certainly not this way. So learning to love my aging body can be a challenge at times. Especially on days when I spend hours outside weeding my flowers, like today. This did not used to cause the soreness that I am now experiencing. But, as they say, there is only one alternative to getting older, and I am just not ready for that one yet.

So anyway, my wonderful husband surprised me with a new laptop for my birthday. It has been such a lovely toy, but I am still in the process of recovering/transferring email information and precious data that my old baby so faithfully stored for several years. (This is meant to be the excuse for not blogging these past two weeks). I am still finding my way around Windows Vista, which so far has not impressed me much. But I am a creature of habit who has great difficulty adjusting to change. In some ways, it has been an adventure, in others a nightmare. But I won’t bore you with my software challenges. Suffice it to say, we are now up and running and hope to be more regular with our blogging from here on out.

To change the subject a little: can you believe tomorrow is Palm Sunday? Holy week is upon us and I feel like Lent has just begun. We are having church at the funeral home again tomorrow. For those of you who do not know, we had a fire in our church and the clean up has been a very laborious prospect. Mostly, smoke damage is the concern, thank the Lord. We have been out of our church for three Sundays now, and are diligently praying to be back home on Easter Sunday. Would you please pray for the same? It will give the resurrection day even more light for us. So one of our local funeral homes has been so kind to let us use their facility. Of course, there were a lot of jokes at first, but it really has not been bad at all. It always amazes me how God works things out. I could say more, but maybe later. I’m fading fast this evening.

Anyway, dear ones, time for bed for this old lady.

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.

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