Practicing the Presence of God

Dear Friends,

It is snowing outside! My poor flowers and shrubs have been stricken, but I can’t help to marvel at how the cold has fit into this Holy week. I just finished baking 64 sugar cookies for our evening church service tomorrow, and the kitchen has never felt cozier. Jeff took the boys to get their hair cut and I was left alone for a short time. I put on some praise music and commenced baking. I have read Brother Lawrence’s Practicing the Presence of God, but I never truly understood it until this very day. My heart was singing with joy as I buzzed about, up to my elbows in flour. The luxury of aloneness is that I can talk to God out loud, and no one looks at me funny. It was so lovely.
I still find it hard to believe that Easter is upon us. This has been such a special time. Last night, at dinner, the four of us each read a verse of the crucifixion and resurrection from the book of Luke. We each then , in turn, lit a candle and said, “He is risen.” To hear Little Jeffrey’s eight year old voice assume solemnity at the gravity of the crucifixion, to hear my husband’s voice catch with emotion at the joy of the resurrection…these are the things that make my heart quake with joy. We plan on making this little ceremony the new tradition for Good Friday in our house.
More good news: our church building will be ready for us on Easter morning! The ceiling tiles will still be MIA, but the place will be clean and ready to be filled with the body of Christ tomorrow. Jeff and I stopped in yesterday to spend a little time in prayer and meditation in the church parlor. The cleaning crews were still busily working on the sanctuary, but I did not smell one little whiff of smoke. How wonderful to worship the risen Christ in our church home again!
One of my favorite Easter activities is to catch the movie Easter Parade on AMC. I love Fred Astaire and Judy Garland. Those old movies amaze me. The players had so much talent. They just don’t make them like that anymore! But I haven’t had time to peruse the old movie channel today. Sooo….
I had better get busy icing these cookies so I can settle in for a little treat later.
Blessings, Dear Ones! And a blessed Easter in the morning!

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