True Love

Hello, Dears,

This is a crazy time of year! We have been busy with field trips and field days, WESTEST prep. and Mother’s Day, and yesterday was my wedding anniversary! Even though life has been busy, I’ve been trying to make a deliberate effort to slow down and keep my priorities. Sometimes I do better than others. Yesterday, when I got up in the morning for my prayer time, I was surprised to find a little anniversary token left for me on our kitchen table. I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t made an effort to do the same for my beloved. Starting my day off with such a special gesture from my husband turned my day in a new direction. All day long my thoughts were on him. I let my mind turn to our courtship and all of the wonderful things about him that I fell in love with in the beginning. So much of our relationship has changed over the years, but the amazing thing is, that after all of this time, the things that I first fell in love with in him remain.

Last night we watched Pride and Prejudice together. I just adore Jane Austin. Is there anything better than a story about true love? I lay my head on my pillow prepared to dream about the great passion of Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. A funny thing happened instead. I began to think of my own love story once again. It struck me how the love between a man and a woman reflects the love that God has for us. And how true love glorifies Him in so many ways. The truth of the gift of love began to fill me up inside. I was overwhelmed with God’s kindness. He didn’t have to give us such depth of emotion. He doesn’t need us to swoon with passion for one another. But He so wisely illustrates His own love through our love for one another. And we are but a reflection. Wow!

Dedicate you day to love, Dear One. To the love of your life, our Lord and Savior.


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    Awesome to read about your love for Jesus, your family and husband; teaching and mentoring.
    My family and wife are my best fans too. The only dog in my life is our daughter’s Beagle, Lucy, and when she needs a puppy-sitter, she comes over a day or a week. Took a great photo of her, like a grandchild I guess.

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