Beach Music Moments

The flame of summer is flickering; the heat of her light giving way to the crispness of autumn. It seems ages ago that we were at the beach with the tick-tocking of time slowed momentarily. Life has continued to race on since our return. School resumes next week, and we have been frantically trying to cram all the fun we can stand into these last few days of freedom. There has been little time to pause and reflect on our blessings, or to wonder about the greatness of God. And so, I do so now.
I remember one magical evening on the beach when the dusky air around us was filled with gentle music. The boys were playing in the sand, making grand creations as boys often do. Jeff and I were relaxing, reclined on our towels, the ocean stretched out before us reminding us how small we are. Funny that it did not surprise me when, mingled with the steady drumming of the waves, a lonely tune began to drift in the air around us. It seemed that my mood was being given a voice, and I felt my consciousness become the song that fluttered with the breeze. The authors of that life-rhythm passed us by: two strolling musicians. They seemed to me to be from another world, neither caring where their song landed, simply happy to send it out. One was casually strumming a guitar, keeping time for his compadre; softening the brass of the accompanying trumpet with his gentle thrum. But it was the sound of the trumpet that became my breath. The wind seemed to sweep each note up and carry it out to sea, muting the piercing nature of the instrument and giving it a mournful quality that quieted my soul. It was a beautiful offering, ascending into the heights of mystery.
The cry of the gulls punctuated the lonely song, and the amber light of evening softened the harshness of day. I closed my eyes and thanked God for music. I wanted to live endlessly in that moment. I remember thinking that I would carry it home with me, and pull it out when the sounds around me start to overwhelm.
Life is busy. My brother and sister-in-law took my niece off to college a couple of days ago. A friend has a little one entering kindergarten. Another in preschool for the first time. Milestones. They pass us by so quickly. So often I find myself asking, “Where did the time go?” Wise friends tell me that this condition only intensifies with age. I just can’t believe that my little brown-eyed niece with the chubby cheeks is now a beautiful young woman. She starts a new chapter in her life this week. I blinked my eyes and she grew up. How many beach music moments did we miss with her? How many will I miss with my own children?
My prayer for this week is that I will hear the music in everyday life. There are beach music moments every day, I just am not poised to hear them. I’m pulling that magical moment out of my pocket. I want to carry that state of mind with me. I want to hear, I want to see, I don’t want to miss one single moment that God has planned for me! Join me in this prayer:
My Lord, My God, Most Beloved of my Soul—You are the author of life giving music. Sing over me. Sing into me. Make your music my music. Watch over our little ones, Father. Be with Sydney in this new journey she embarks upon. Keep her safe, and keep her sweet. Hold her in the palm of your hand. Oh, Lord, and be with the parents who have had to walk away from their children this week. It is so difficult. Comfort them with the knowledge that You never walk away. You are always there for their Beloveds. Be with all of our children as they begin a new school year. The smell of paper and new books has always intoxicated me, Father. But newness will give way to fears and worries, conflicts and stressors. But You, You, You are there through it all. Help our little ones to feel you there, My Love. Give us strength and wisdom to hear the music in each passing day. We love you, Father. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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