The Gift of Story

My favorite thing about the sunrise this morning was the reflection trail it left on the water. It looked like a road stretched out before me; like I could glide across the water on its red, shimmering surface and find a secret place, someplace that no one else has ever been. It captured my imagination and I had a discussion with God about why I have always been captivated by stories. When I was a little girl, rarely would you find me without my nose in a book. Even now, story is such a huge part of my life. It is a large part of how I interact with my children. It is my favorite way of teaching. It is how I occupy my mind. I love to write stories.

The few times I have met with agents, when I present my novel to them, they are always intrigued that I want to write fiction. They think a clinical psychologist should have something more to say, I guess. About the real world and the clinical side of things. Of course, I have many professional stories. I have research interests and questions about treatment. But this is just not how my mind works! I want to capture your imagination. I want to capture your heart.

I know that this desire has something to do with the unseen story that is unfolding in the heavens and on earth around me. Somehow, our earthly stories connect us to that greater story. Jesus knew this. He loved to teach through story. And He was a master at it. Sometimes, I sit down and read His parables for fun, and I am just amazed at the depth and breadth of issues He covered in such short tales!

The older I get, the easier it is for me to see the stories that happen in my life every day. By looking for the story, I am listening to God. I look for what He is teaching me, I strain to hear His whisper. And my story is all the richer for it. Because my story becomes His story.

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