Hello, Friends! September is always a busy month in our household! The boys have settled into the school schedule, church programs are underway, and life is good. Fall is creeping in, with her brilliant colors and invigorating crispness. The change of season always finds me reflecting on the blessings and losses of the past. Each time God’s earth dons a new cloak, I find myself looking forward to a new beginning in my life. In fall especially, it seems, my imagination is captured by His promise that I am a new creation. As Mother Nature begins to prepare herself for a long nap, I am amazed at God’s provision. My boys and I giggle at the squirrels’ manic attempts to rob the bird feeder. Flocks of our feathered friends begin to fly purposefully to their destinations. Even the trees shed their outer adornments so that their roots will be nourished. As I watch these gentle rhythms, I feel strengthened and energized to renew my commitment to love God and man. It is a glorious feeling, and one that so frequently needs restored. I think this is one reason the Lord gave us the seasons; perhaps it is one way He reminds us that there will always be a new beginning in Him. Isn’t that amazing? It makes me smile and gives me butterflies. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for us this season!
I have found that during these times of rededication, my heart is especially tender to the Lord. My ears are fine-tuned to hear His every word for me, and I see Him in the smallest of things. Sometimes this overwhelms me, and I need to find a lonely place where I can try to make sense of what He tells me. Lonely places have been few and far between of late. And the few spare moments that I have could so easily be filled with chores, or errands, or a much desired cup of coffee with a friend. But today, the dishes sit in the sink. The laundry remains piled up, the beds unmade. The phone is quiet and still. Solitude is the crown that He has asked me to wear these days. And though it fills me with heartache at times, I realize that it is a wonderful gift from Him. I am spending the day with Him.
In her book, Believing God, Beth Moore calls them “Godspots”. They are the times when all the world falls away, and I hear Him speaking to me…there is nothing else, only Him and me. As I ran in the beautiful fall sun this morning, the Lord played a filmstrip of these Godstops before me.
There was my run the other day. When I left the house it was a heavy 90 something on the thermometer. I returned soaked to the skin, having run most of my five miles in a sweet shower. My heart was dancing and my soul giggled with joy. I felt like a little child playing in the puddles. He and I had a blast.
There was the dinner at a friend’s house. I was overwhelmed by the graciousness of our host and hostess. Their willingness to share the intimacy of their home and family life. Cheerios on a high chair. Aromatic candles. Fresh flowers. Delicious food and godly conversation. These things filled my heart with joy. And I felt His presence.
My nightly prayers over the boys have been secret moments to commune with my Heavenly Father. He stands over them with me. And He agrees with me as to how beautiful their young faces are. He too is amazed at how their eyelashes rest on their cheeks, and how they look like babes again in their slumber.
And last night, He whispered a mystery to me. My mother came to visit. My mom and I have had our ups and downs in recent years, but we never stopped loving, never stopped trying to understand. I was so amazed at how my children, who rarely get to see this grandma, who barely know her, seemed to know in their heart that she was their special person. I watched with joy and wonder as they bubbled over with excitement at her presence. And when Jeff and I returned from our dinner engagement, I was astonished to learn that Teddy had played his guitar for this grandma. And she played Twister with them. They had a blast.
He reveals Himself to me in ways that never stop surprising me. I try to look for Godstops in every moment, but I know that I often fail. For, if I was perfectly diligent, I would never lose the sense of His presence. Because He is there with me in every second of every day. All I need do is attend.

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