Sweepstakes Blues

Fifteen years ago or so when I was very unhappy in my job, I found myself clinging to fantasies to get me through the days. Nothing too exciting, mind you, just thoughts about winning the lottery and being on first name basis with Ed McMahan. I would lull myself to sleep at night dreaming of the freedom that being independently wealthy would bring. Stress-free living was the attraction, not material possessions. A little older and, hopefully, wiser, it’s been a long time since I have bought a powerball ticket. But I’ve learned to take a good long look at how I’m spending my time when my heart starts longing to be someplace other than where it is. So I was a little alarmed when I got home from work today and found myself drawn to the sweepstakes mentioned on the jar of spaghetti sauce that was part of my lunch (BarrillaSweepstakes.com). The grand prize is a 7 day stay in an Italian Villa for me and three of my friends. Now, I’m a visual person; what images do the words “Italian Villa” conjure up for you? I don’t know about you, but I could sure use a huge chunk of P-E-A-C-E! Busyness is the thing that makes me feel separated from God more than anything, I believe. I NEED to be quiet with Him, or I do not feel right. My church friends and I have just started a new Bible study and it came just in the nick of time. This Bible study has been such a blessing for me, because it has enlivened my quiet time, rejuvenated my prayer life. He tells me things through the words that I just have to ask Him about later. Do you all feel that way? Tonight’s homework was about the change in identity that the Lord blessed Sarai with. This whole dialogue touched my heart so. How many of us need reminded that we are a new creation on a daily basis? Often, we take (and are taken) for granted the ones closest to us. In the Bible study (the Patriarchs) Beth Moore said, “In his wildest imagination, Abraham did not think God could use Sarai.” Isn’t that heartbreaking? I do not want to be guilty of this mindset. I want to encourage those that I love to use their gifts to the fullest capacity! Dear Ones, I am also reassured through this story that God can use a small person such as me. God changed Sarai’s name to Sarah, forever proclaiming her a princess. It makes me rejoice! When the ones we love do not see that special something in us, we can be assured that God does. We are His daughters, Dear One! As you do your study this week or meet with Him in your special place, remember that Sarah is not the only princess in His heart. Let’s believe that God can use us, friends! It’s so much more reassuring to trust God with my Peace than the world. Besides, it took me years to shake that Ed McMahan guy. I thought he would never stop sending me letters.

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