It’s all In the Details

Hello, Friends!

It’s a beautiful fall morning here in West Virginia; the leaves are finally changing over and the sky is crystal blue. I’ve been bird watching this morning. I’ve had some little black-capped chickadees at my feeders, as well as some tiny goldfinches; who have shed their golden glory and now don their greenish winter feathers. God granted me a little treat and I was visited by the elusive Eastern Phoebe. The meadow behind our house was passed over by a red-shouldered hawk, announcing his presence with his repeated call. At first I thought he was a red-tailed hawk, but the banding on his tail gave him away.

I could spend hours watching these creatures dart and soar over my earth bound existence. I’m not an expert birder, by any means, but I have learned to recognize a few calls and figures over the years. Sometimes, as I leaf through my bird book to identify a mysterious visitor, I am filled with wonder at the endless creativity of our Heavenly Father. Some birds are only distinguishable by a band around their eyes, or a translucent area on their wing…even their calls differ. And they each have their own distinctive majesty.

Who is this Creator who gives such fine attention to detail? His Greatness overwhelms me.

Scripture tells me that He knows every time a sparrow falls. That I am even more precious to Him. The care and detail that He put into nature, into every kind of bird; my Father put this kind of thought into making each human being. Ahh, even more so. Think about it: there is no one with your smile, with your scent; the curve of your face is different from every other person on earth, your laugh is yours and yours alone…Amazing, huh? It blows my mind!

I picture Him looking down from His heavenly throne with His holy binoculars, enjoying all the differences he bestowed on His children.

“Look, Gabriel,” He might say, “Do you see the way her nose turns up on the end? Beautiful!”

I know, I know, the Lord does not need binoculars to see us. He has every detail of your face memorized, Beloved. But don’t you think He rejoices over them? He must celebrate how unique you are every day, Dearest! When I see a rare bird, or an unusual variation, a mysterious joy fills my heart. Why? Why is it so?

I think it is because my spirit knows how much love God put in planning that little bird. All of the beauty of the earth, all the splendor of creation, He made for us! Can you imagine a world with no color? What about the smell of fresh bread? Dear Ones, God did not have to give us these gifts. He could have created the world in black and white. Ignored the sense of smell. He gave us beauty because He loves us. He made each of us different because He loves us.

Celebrate your individuality today, Dear One! Whatever it is that makes you who you are, spend some time to thank God for His amazing creativity. He planned you just as you are.

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