Under Cover

I had a happy memory tonight. These things sweep over me like a storm when they come, flooding my soul and leaving me silent in the aftermath.

As I tucked the boys in tonight, suddenly, I was in their place. It was a little me in the bed, with my mother bending over me. The blanket was ruffled, and she shook it out in the air above me to straighten it. I waited in anticipation as it silently floated down over my outstretched form; a soft breeze from the floating blanket blew tendrils of hair around my face, tickling my cheeks. It was fall, a cool night like tonight. My skin tingled against the cool, clean sheets. The sound of crickets drifted through the open windows. I remember how good it felt to have such softness gently settle over me…excited and content all at once.

We called them “covers”, not blankets or comforters. The folds of the rich cloth covered you all up, didn’t they? They were covers to us. I remember how my mom used to shake the blanket several times, and let it float down over our faces, our little bodies still and expectant. Cries of “Do it again!” must have filled the air, just as they did tonight. What is it about such a simple thing, that it could bring such a special feeling?

As I read the Psalms tonight, I wondered…is this just a tiny little glimpse, of what it must feel like to be fanned by angels’ wings? Or would such a breeze blow us off our feet? “I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.” (Psalm 62:4).

These wings sound so inviting, so gentle and comfy.

As my boys gazed up at me under the shadow of their falling “covers”, in their faces I saw the innocence of their sweet age. They know they are loved. They know they are safe. And this simple gesture covered them in my love. I wanted to slide in beside them and let the softness settle over me once again. What a sweet thought, Dear Ones. I still run for the cover of His wings, only I have never had such a tangible image of it until this very night.

An old friend told me once, when describing her new boyfriend, “He feels like clean sheets.” Another person may not have understood. But her words brought to my mind not only an image, but a feeling. A feeling of wondrous joy and excitement. Do you feel this way about your Beloved? He wants to cover you with His wings; He wants to cover you with His love. Let Him, Dear One! Wait in anticipation of the gentle shield you will receive. Just the thought leaves me breathless for my Beau!

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