The Hawk

Yesterday morning as I was entering the hospital, a flock of birds flying above the Appalachian Power Baseball Park caught my eye. They were soaring and diving in acrobatic proportions. I was filled with joy as I tilted my head back to enjoy the show.

Until I saw the hawk, that is. He was there amongst them, and I realized that their seemingly graceful dance was entirely a battle of life and death.

The hawk had expertly worked his prey, and one of the birds had been separated from the pack. He was so beautiful, and as I watched him soar I was reminded of one of my favorite passages of scripture, when the Lord asks Job in chapter 39:26, “Did you teach the hawk to fly south?” Surely the Lord gave him his wings. The beauty of his flight did not change the menacing nature of his course, however.

That was what the diving was all about. As one being, the entire flock of birds synchronized their rescue. They skillfully maneuvered their bulk to chase away the predator. I watched in joy and wonder as the lone little bird joined the others and resumed the dance of many into one.

Doesn’t nature amaze you? I never grow tired of watching all of the life lessons God has set up for us in this earth He has given us.

Just like that bird, we are being preyed upon, Beloved. There is a predator more evil than any hawk that flies in the sky. He seeks to separate us from our flock, from what we know is right. Do you know someone who is falling into his clutches, even right now? Will you swoop down and rescue that one? Will you seek the help of the rest of the flock?

Love, love, love, Dear One, knows no fear. For that is what keeps us from the rescue, isn’t it?

Dear Lord, Help me to be a blessing to someone today. Father, if there is someone in peril, let me be a help to that person. Give me the words and the deeds to be a comfort, to rescue, Father! If I am unsure, give me the courage to call on help from members of your flock. For we are yours. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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