Christmas Hats

It has officially begun. In fact, I can’t believe we made it this far. In the past, it has started shortly after Halloween. But this year, the boys have been sick with colds on and off since that time, dampening their Christmas anticipation. It finally burst forth this week: the sleepless nights, the loud obnoxious banter, the giggly silliness. Early in the season Teddy said, “It doesn’t feel like Christmas is coming to me. I haven’t done anything Christmassy.” Then, one “Christmassy” thing after another struck our household. Shopping for the foster children. The third grade Christmas program. Christmas caroling with the church. The baking of Christmas goodies. The classroom Christmas parties (the Yadda Yadda Yaddas were a big hit).

And yesterday, we finally did our Christmas card picture photo shoot. I use this term loosely, of course. It was actually a circus of sorts. It consisted of two boys, two hats, a dog, and a mom with a camera. Can you say, Christmas Craziness? These boys were insanely silly. You may be able to tell from these photos.

We stayed out so long, this is what happened: snowboy

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