Memory making

Hello, my dears!

Can you believe it? Jeff and I finally did some Christmas shopping today! It was our first and last time out. We did all of our shopping at one store! Can you say…electronics? As the boys grow older, their presents get smaller in size and larger in price. It does definitely make shopping a bit easier. I still have some small gifts to get them, just to make them smile, but really, we are just about done.
It helps that Jeff and I decided not to buy for each other this year. Thanks to my sweet friend and mentor, Van Walton of Proverbs 31 Ministries (visit her blog at:, I was inspired to think creatively about Christmas with my husband this year.

Soooo…on Christmas day, my husband and I are giving each other one wish. There are some rules, but I won’t bore you with the details. Needless to say…I have a few ideas! But I’m still mulling it over. The amazing thing is that this little experiment has already made this season extra special to me. You see, the more I think about my wish, the more I think about Jeff. And the more I think about Jeff, well, the more I think about Jeff! It is amazing what a little bit of effort and creativity can do for a relationship. I can’t wait until Christmas morning!

Today, after we dropped a boat load of money at Circuit City, we had a special lunch together. We ran down to Hal Greer Boulevard and ate at GD Ritzy’s. This cute little diner is directly across from Cabell Huntington Hospital and it serves the only three-way Cincinnati Chile you can get in the tri-state area. Jeff and I really used to enjoy stopping there from time to time pre-K (pre-kids). The last time we were there, we had just had our sixteen week ultra sound (the first time) and found out that we were having a little boy. Somewhere I have some video footage of Jeff outside of GD Ritzy’s and I ask him, “Dr. Boggess, you just found out you’re going to have a little boy…What do you think of that?”

It’s a sweet memory for us, and it was really nice to be there today.

The greatest thing about creating memories, is remembering them! Sometimes, I forget all of the wonderful things Jeff and I have gone through together. It’s easy to do, especially at this busy time of year. I get caught up in work and planning for the holidays and everything ho-hum. And the next thing I know, I am folding clothes on the couch beside him and we haven’t spoken for an hour.
Ouch! That’s not my dream.

Friends, I just want to encourage you to make an effort today. Make an effort to give a tender gesture to your husband. Spend some time remembering. Get out some old photo albums, and look at them with the one you love. Maybe your wedding album. Maybe even further back. Share the story of your true love with your children. Let them see parents who still have passion for one another. Let them see a mom and a dad who touch each other, who listen and talk to one another. Give them that gift this Christmas.

It’s better than anything you can wrap up in a box.

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