O Christmas Tree

Another Monday well underway! It was a busy weekend, and I’m heading into an even busier week, so…I wanted to stop and take a breath with you, Dear Ones, before the craziness begins!

We have been trying to get ready for Christmas, but the sad thing is, my heart has needed a jumpstart. I have to say that yesterday was the day it started pumping. We finally put up our Christmas tree. Usually, this is a festive time, with Christmas music playing in the background and busy little hands helping out. But we got off to a slow start. One boy was playing on the computer, one was watching the NASCAR awards banquet on TV, and one (The big one) was trying to get us in the Christmas spirit. I was too busy being grumpy to care. There was way too much laundry that needed doing, a dog that needed to go out, floors that needed vacuumed, and many other tasks on my to do list. Putting up the tree was not one of them.

In fact, I was annoyed at the whole thing.

But I pitched in, just to get the thing over with. I did make the boys turn off the tv and put on some Christmas music. This helped a little, but I should have just sat this one out. It wasn’t long before my guys had thrown tissue paper all over the living room. They were so excited to see their favorite old ornaments, that they were not concerned where the wrapping fell when they unveiled the things.

Instead of rejoicing with them during this fun and special time, what did I do? I started griping at them! I know! Can you believe I ruined such a beautiful time worrying about tissue paper in the floor? (well, that’s how my blown glass stork ornament that I got at the outer banks when I was pregnant with Teddy got broken–stepped on because it was buried under wrappings–so i’m a little sensitive about this. I usually just handle it in a bit cheerier way. Now, instead of a stork, we hang the teeny tiny basket on the tree that the bird originally carried in his mouth. lol.)Fortunately, I have a very wise husband. Jeff knew how to intervene, and we escaped with minimal damage to the Christmas psyche. And I’m so glad he helped me get refocused, because when we were finished decorating the tree, something really special happened.

Jeffrey was so overjoyed by the trimming of the tree, that when we were done, he wanted us all to sit on the couch together and hold hands, gazing at the completed work of art. Teddy balked at first, but it really didn’t take much convincing for my macho ten year old to join in. Even Lucy Mae was in the line up. As we all sat there, taking in the twinkling lights (Lucy licking her paws–she’s so disrespectful), I felt a fountain of love well up inside me. I asked Little Jeffrey if he would say a prayer that we would have a blessed Christmas season. Let me tell you, that child knows how to pray! I don’t call him the preacher man for nothing. He prayed from the bottom of his heart. He thanked God for Christmas, for sending His son to earth for us, for blessing us with so much, and for the joy of the holiday season. He told God how much he loved Christmas, and how thankful he is that Jesus brought it to us. When he finished, my eyes were beyond wet. Jeff just grinned when he saw me crying, because he knows how sappy I get.

Dear Ones, life is too short! I don’t know how many more Christmases I will have with all three of my guys around, I pray there are many more. But I don’t want to waste one second of the ones I’m given! I love Advent. I love the hope there is in waiting. It fills me with anticipation and excitement. I’m trying to remember this every second, not just when the Christmas lights are twinkling and the music is on. It’s what happens in the living moments that is what living is about. I’m so thankful to Jeffrey for reminding me what Christmas is really about.

There will be many more grumpy moments this holiday season, I’m sure. But I am praying that next time, my heart stays focused. Thank you for listening, Dear Ones! Have your own Christmas couch moment with your family! It was such a blessing to me. Blessings!

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