Saying Goodbye to Christmas

The wrapping is still on the floor, the leftovers are in the fridge, the boys are watching one of their new movies, Jeff is piddling in the kitchen, and I, My Dears…I am feeling a bit sad to say goodbye to this lovely Christmas day. There is always such magic in the air during this season. I’m able to hold on to it for a few days, but try as I might; God just reserves that special sense of wonder for this time of year.

I was given many gifts today, but my favorite of all was having an entire day to dedicate to my family. An entire day spent with all three of my guys. Awesome.

Besides watching the boys’ joy at opening their presents, I think my best memory of this Christmas will be the fulfillment of my Christmas wish. This year, in lieu of presents, Jeff and I decided to give each other a wish. (I’ll give you three guesses what his wish was, and the first two don’t count). So, this morning, after all the presents were opened and the boys were exploring their new toys…we danced. I put on True Love Ways, and we swayed together in the living room, all decked out in robes and PJs. The last time we danced to Buddy Holly’s crooning was on our wedding day. Today, it was far less graceful; dodging playstation games and webkinz, but it was pretty special. My husband thinks I’m crazy. But he loves me, and I think we’ve found a new tradition. And Little Jeffy caught some of it on his new video camera. The dip and twirl, I think.

I love it that we are making our own traditions. That is one of the most difficult and most wonderful things about holidays for me. Part of me wishes I could give them a long history of traditions, but that’s just not to be. Instead, I get the excitement of making these new memories with my boys. I pray that the stories we make today will be part of their traditions with their own families one day.

This morning Little Jeffy brought me a gift he had been saving. It was in an old brown shoe box. When I opened it, inside was a folded letter, written in magic marker. On that paper, my sweet child had penned these words: “It’s not about the giving or the gitting. ( he gets his spelling skills from his dad). It’s about the loving.”


Let’s take the loving with us, Dear Ones. Let’s try to carry a little Christmas in our hearts all year round. Blessings!


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    Merry Christmas Laura~
    Your boys are adorable! You doggy do story hillarious— yuckie, but funny to look back on. And your precious note in the brown box- priceless!
    Thanks for the chance to get to know you and your family a little more.
    Sweet Blessings,
    Lysa TerKeurst

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