The Music of Christmas

Christmas came to town last night.

It sang and strummed its way here; it danced and swayed its presence into this desert heart. My Christmas spirit has waxed and waned this season. But last night, B.E. Taylor came to town. Oh, Friends! May I tell you how gifted this musician/singer is? He brought Christmas to me! He and his band took Charleston by storm last night! This is the eighth year that they have blessed us with their Christmas concert, and My Dears, it is a blessing! Through his soulful voice, lovely harmonies, and touching arrangements, this sweet man’s love of the season shines. His band was artful and playful, their friendly rapport an uplifting reminder of good will toward men.

He featured the Appalachian Children’s Choir on a couple of songs, and their youthful voices lifted my spirit until it was soaring. My sweet young friend Megan Gray was in the second row, swaying and rocking to the festive melody. The Ferguson Memorial Baptist Church choir came on during the latter part of the program, and let me tell you! This African-American choir just about blew the roof off the Municipal Auditorium! Their rendition of Go Tell It on the Mountain was powerful and moving.

Perhaps the most heart stopping guest for me was the drum ensemble who stoically marched down the aisles and onto the stage. It was made up of kids from three different local high schools. They were led into action by one of B.E.’s band members (Rick) who sat a lonely drum center stage and began to beat out a rhythm that settled in my chest and awakened some kind of primal awareness inside my heart. Then, suddenly, the air was filled with drum beats from all corners. I could feel the pounding inside me, and soon my heart was beating in kind! It was powerful, and it moved me to tears!

B.E. showed his heart for the local musician by featuring these three groups. Hailing from a small town in Pennsylvania, at one point during the show, he implored all local artists not to give up their dream. He encouraged them to keep doing their best; to practice, ensuring them that “all famous musicians do not come from L.A.” By utilizing the services of our brightest and best, not only does B.E. ensure a friendly and robust audience, but he holds our hearts out before us, presenting us with a most precious gift. What a gift to our community!

If this sweet gentleman and his band come to your town to do a show, I encourage you whole-heartedly to go and see them! Your spirit will be renewed and your soul refreshed. The birth of Christ takes center stage in this show, the faith of the man a driving force. It was truly a beautiful experience.

My Dears, today there is a spring in my step! I am carrying Christmas with me. It echoes in the back of my mind like the memory of a song.

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