Misty Prayers

I’m sitting here at the hospital (on my lunch break) just thinking of how wonderful God is and wondering why every day can’t be so sweet. For some reason I especially feel His presence with me today, and I’m wondering if it isn’t because I have looked so desperately for Him in the last few days. And if so, why don’t I always? When I ask God into every detail of my life, it seems I feel everything more acutely, yet nothing can penetrate the peace that fills my heart.

As I drove into Charleston this morning, I was not alone. Not only did I feel Him, but my prayers from the morning remained with me. They took on a physical presence; I could feel them wafting around in the air about me, bodiless names, life-filled stories of pains and joys and dreams; entering into my heart and mind, making me one with these individuals and joining us forever in the name of Jesus. They were the incense of the Lord filling my atmosphere with a lovely aroma. As I drove along, the early morning fog encapsulated the trees on the hills surrounding the roadway, giving them an eerie presence. The mist lifted slowly, and I could see it hovering in the dim light of morning, a blanket resting above us, floating ever higher as the morning appeared, lifting my spirits as it arose, revealing the light of the sun.

Perhaps it is just the earth continuing her long journey of revolution, turning the dark season to light just a little bit more each day, but the appearance of my old friend the sun filled my heart with joy.

Do you know that feeling you have after you read a really good book, or see an incredibly moving movie? That’s how I feel today. Feeling God is that and so much more. A feeling of heightened emotions, of sentimental satisfaction, yet, an excitement and expectation for something even more wonderful!

How can I express my love for my Lord? There are no words.


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    Great post! It was foggy this morning in NC (where I am) and your title caught my attention…along with the pic…so I read on and was blessed! I will be back! 🙂
    Blessings, Mariel

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    What a blessing to have met you this summer in my evaluation group at She Speaks! As I read your blog I hear your richy soothing voice. Oh – I can just imagine how blessed your patients areto have you in thier lives. I thank God for bringing you, your life, and your words into my heart. I am praying for you today – misty prayers of satisfaction – that you stepped into my life and sunshiney prayers to fill you with His brilliance! love you-dear friend.

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    Thank you so much for visiting my places 🙂 — and your very kind words.

    I am thrilled about the blessing that have been poured out for me.

    I am going to email you 🙂

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    Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing for with us. Also, thank you for all your kind and encouraging remarks over at my place. And guess what— my camera has been located and turned in to the lost and found in the Atlanta airport!!!!
    Oh happy, happy, day!

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