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How do you know when you begin to love someone?

I’m not talking about romantic love, rather, philia, the love of friendship. Is there ever one moment, when one looks at another person and realizes for the first time: Hey…I love you?

As Christians, we are called to love one another, and I understand that bond of love that comes from worshiping side by side. But I’m talking about the kind of love that recognizes someone. The kind of love that knows a person’s smile, or the shape of a face. The kind of love that sidles up to a person and likes how it feels to stay there, side by side. The kind of love that is comfortable together, that is about enjoying one another’s company.

Yes, I have known this kind of love.

Dear Ones, someone I love is hurting. She needs your prayers desperately.

My friend, Debbie, was in a terrible accident on New Year’s Day. She has sustained significant injuries to her brain, and she lies in the ICU right now.

I haven’t been able to write about this until now, because it has been too fresh. I’ve been too sad. And I’ve been too scared. And I also didn’t know if it was right. Some things are too precious to share. But I haven’t been able to stop thinking of her. I’ve been praying for her continuously. I see her face before me frequently. She has the nicest smile, and she laughs a lot.

I couldn’t understand why this has been so hard. And then I realized. It’s because I love her.

I guess I never thought of our friendship in this way. I guess I’ve always taken her sweet smile for granted. But now I know.

Please pray for my friend, Debbie Cunningham, and for her family. She needs your prayers, Dear One. God is our healer and our comforter, and He can do anything. Debbie loves the Lord. I know that whatever happens, she rests in His hands.


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    I have and will continue to pray for your friend Debbie. The Lord has brought both of you to mind several times since I read your post.

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    Laura thank you for posting a comment on my blog which then led me to your treasure of a blog and website. I have been upliting your dear friend Debbie in prayer and hope to read an update on your blog when you are up to it.



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    Thank you, ladies, so much for your prayers and kind words. I know the Lord hears our voices lifted up on Debbie’s behalf! There has been no change in her condition. She has now been intubated for about a week. She continues to have cerebral swelling and is sedated. It would be discouraging, but I know whose hands she is in. I treasure your continued prayers on her behalf. I’m not ready to let her go.

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