Random thoughts

Here are some random thoughts I’ve had in this enlightening first week of the Newest Year:

—Oh! Crumbs! I forgot a few things in the making of my New Year resolutions. Like, I have to eat, and sleep, and relate to other human beings at some time.

—As I am in the Down Dog yoga pose and the dog is licking my face: Breathe out, Breathe in. Don’t breathe in!

—As we are watching my niece’s basketball game and every time I clap, my ten year old son elbows me in the ribs: His dad is clapping. His grandma and grandpa are clapping. His aunt and uncle are yelling and cheering. What is it about me being a mom that so offends my son?

—As I’m running the last mile of a five mile run on a 15 degree (Fahrenheit) day: Breathe out, Breathe in. Oh, wait. My nostrils are frozen together.

—After I’ve served the first healthy dinner of the year in which my sons are introduced to “vegetable medley” for the first time and I ask my husband how he likes the veggies and in front of the boys he says “not very much”: #@$&**##!! (I only thought it Dear Ones, I did not say it.)

—As I am cleaning out the drawers in my dining room buffet to start my commitment of organizing one room a month and I find one of our Graceland ticket stubs from where we went there on our honeymoon: Didn’t I ever throw anything away? Aww. Isn’t that sweet. Garbage pile. (that was after the vegetable medley incident.)

—As I am folding my obligatory one load of laundry a day: I really need some new underwear.

—After the WVU bowl game in which we stomped Oklahoma when no one in the country gave us a chance and our guys were still reeling from the abandonment of Rich Rodriquez and Owen Schmidt (the really big guy with the Mohawk) starts to tear up in an interview after the game and says, “I love this state…”: Thank you, Lord!

—After Teddy finally went to sleep after waking up at 2am feeling like he needs to puke and wants me to lie in the bathroom floor beside him for a while: Thank you, Lord!

Thank you, Lord!

God is good! I pray your first week of 2008 was great!

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