The Feast

Yesterday I entered into a day of Fast. I know you’re not supposed to tell others, the scriptures warn against the pride this can cause in a person. But you won’t tell, will you, my friends? I just want to share how special this time was for me, Dear Ones.

Fasting is something I do infrequently. Usually, around Easter, I feel God calling me to lift up my body to Him in this way. But He doesn’t ask me to do this often. So, yesterday when He awakened me before five o’clock with an immediate suggestion to fast, I knew that He had something special He wanted to reveal to me.

To fast has always been to feast for me. A feast for my heart. I am preparing a lovely banquet for my Beloved. I do not endeavor upon this task lightly. My preparation begins early; I begin to ready my heart before the sun rises. Like one preparing a wedding banquet, every detail is considered. My prayers are like the finest of linens, blanketing me with their purity. The table is set with finest china–my favorite Bible and any other books that I desire to meditate on during this time. The candle is lit, a fire that burns like His love for me.

The main course of the feast is the Word. I approach it with more excitement in this context of secrecy, for it is my nourishment. It fills me and energizes me. The words are the finest morsels, and I hold them in my mouth longer, for to savor their sweetness. I write them down and carry them with me throughout the day, so that I will not forget His tenderness. I can taste them in the most ordinary of situations, relishing the special flavor that only I am aware of. These are the words of my Beloved; He speaks them only to me this day. They are soft and intimate, whispers of love.

The excitement is in the small helps I arrange. I continue to drink flavored waters and hot tea throughout the day. Each time I drink a special tea or taste the tartness of lemon water, I am sharing a secret with my love. It is a toast to our love. We keep this intimacy between us. No one knows that I do this all for Him.

My senses are heightened, my body in a state of expectation. If I get a little shaky inside, I know He will strengthen me. When the hunger pangs come, it is a gentle reminder to turn my thoughts back to Him, my own love.

Through it all, He is pulling me ever closer to Him. He whispers to me all the day long, encouraging words of love.

And I break my fast in a far more nourished state than when I entered into it. I am humbled and I feel treasured by my Love. I has been a secret tryst, that leaves me assured that I am loved.

It makes me smile to think of Him, waiting for me. Waiting for me to prepare another feast like the one we shared yesterday.


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    Thank you for sharing this. I found your blog through Mariel. Just this morning the Lord took me to Matthew 6 and I was praying about fasting. I have not shared in this discipline…well not since I was first saved. You have been an encouragement to me today.

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    This is a beautifully written post! Thank you for painting the picture of fasting in such an encouaraging way. This is something the Lord has been speaking to my heart. Hope told me to come read this post and I think I tried to avoid the issue of fasting…but I have read it and I am excited for what the Lord has in store as I seek Him in this deeper way. Thank you for sharing this, friend! mariel

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