The Newest Year

I am ready for the Newest Year. I cannot bear to call 2007 the “Old Year” yet. It doesn’t seem polite, especially since 2007 is only just being ushered out. So…forgive me, if I refer to 2008 as the Newest Year for a little while. Anyway…

I am ready for the Newest Year. The slug-like existence of the past couple days has finally gotten to me. I am not the only one. We are all ready for a little action. This morning, in a desperate attempt to shake the Christmas fog, I actually made the boys get dressed before 10am. They were shocked at first. Protests were heard. But when I lay my plan before them, I was very surprised at their reaction. I not only proposed that they leave the warm confines of the Boggess cocoon, I suggested a day of…SERVICE.

I was tired of stepping over Webkinz and trying to make myself heard to a blank faced stare instilled by too many hours on the Playstation. I was weary of the evidence of abundance staring me in the face everywhere I looked.

Boy, says I, we are very blessed. Let’s go bless someone else.

Would you believe they jumped into action? They pocketed a percentage of their very own Christmas cash, and prepared to do some shopping for our local Community Cupboard. I was amazed to hear Teddy begin to sing a song about “going shopping for the needy” as he got dressed. (While I don’t want them to be condescending or insensitive, I didn’t have the heart to chastise his joy. I pray this sensitivity will come as they mature). I agreed to match them penny for penny, then I turned them loose in Kroger.

Dear Ones, a ten year old with a mission is a force to be reckoned with! My little Teddy bear is a smart shopper! Not only did he compare prices, he questioned what products would benefit a family of little means the most. He diligently kept track of his purchases and kept a running total.

His little brother, on the other hand, put items in his cart willy nilly, seemingly unaware of the cost. His shopping was marked by generosity, however. His star purchase was a rainbow cake mix, with confetti icing. He insisted our unknown recipients must want a New Year’s cake. Isn’t that sweet? (perhaps he had a bit of a sweet tooth himself?)

We drove our many shopping bags over to the Community Cupboard, prepared to volunteer for a couple hours to help with stocking shelves and distribution. To our disappointment, the Cupboard was closed. But do you know what God did? Just as we pulled in, a lovely couple were backing their car up to the door. They were bringing some donations from their church, and they had a key! The boys were able to help load their purchases with the other ingoing donations, giving them a feeling of closure (oh, wait, that was me.)

I was so proud of my little guys. Not for being coerced into doing something valuable for others, but because they did it joyfully. They taught me a lesson today. Oh, dear, I sense another New Year’s resolution coming on.

Let’s give joyfully in the Newest Year, Dear Ones! The joy will be returned.

Happy Newest Year!

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