Well, my friends, we are finally saying goodbye to the birthdays for another year! The kids are back in school after a VERY long four day weekend. We celebrated Teddy’s birthday yesterday, with little fanfare. The poor guy always seems to get the short end of the stick. We watched his birth movie in the afternoon, and to my surprise, my now eleven year old willingly climbed under the fuzzy blanket with me and snuggled on the couch for the viewing. I relish
every moment that he initiates such tender contact! I guess I was a bit overzealous, however, because when I attempted to kiss his head as I did his little brother’s, he made strange hissing noises like some pre-teenage mutant.

Oh, well, can’t blame a mom for trying!

Now, it’s on to the next thing.

I wanted to update all of you precious ones who have been praying for my dear friend Debbie. She is now out of the ICU, and is no longer sedated. She was extubated last week and has tolerated it well. Today at work, I went upstairs to visit her. I must admit, I was a bit anxious. I have been praying about it, not wanting to come too soon or wait too long. I was blessed to have one of the sweet girls I work with to accompany me and give me courage. When we arrived,
Debbie was sleeping. She looked peaceful, just as if she would wake up any minute and give us the business as always. I tried to rouse her gently, but she did not respond. So, I just held her hand and told her how much we miss her on the floor, how she needs to get better, and how hard I have been praying for her. I told her about all of you, the prayer warriors that have responded to my pleas for intercession. She never opened her eyes while I was there, but at one
point, she furrowed her brow, like she was trying hard to make sense of all that I was telling her. One of the nurses told me that she has been having short spurts of alertness, but they don’t last long. She’s still a little agitated, and so had some soft restraints on her arms. Apparently, she had pulled her NG-tube out earlier.

Keep praying, Dear Ones. This will be a long journey for this sweet woman.

While I am elated to be able to report this progress to you, my heart is heavy as I ponder what the future might hold for her. She is in God’s hands and He is merciful. Let us continue to send up our prayers like incense.

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