A Floating Saturn

My nine year old sleeps with the covers pulled over his head. I just woke him up a little bit ago so he could see the lunar eclipse. In his groggy state he asked me what would happen when Mars collides with the moon in ten years. I gathered that he read this interesting prediction somewhere. Perhaps a science fiction journal of some type. I don’t think we need to worry about that now, says I, ever so gently. His eyes gradually widen as he watches the earth’s shadow creep along the big cheese. “Wow! Mommy that’s cool!” He exclaims. Then he bounds back into bed. Up go the covers, like the earth’s shadow passing over the moon.

I snuggle in with him, like a spoon, and his bare shoulder smells so good to me that I press my lips against its sweet softness. This youngest child of mine stirs my heart. This morning, when I woke him for school, he sat straight up in his bed and blinked in the light. “Mommy, do you know that if there was an ocean big enough, and all the planets fell into it, that Saturn would be the only one that would float?” He says this before he is fully awake, as if planets have been falling into oceans all night in his dreams.

Where do these things come from? It fills me with wonder and joy all at once.

The dreaming under the covers must come from another world. Perhaps from outer space.


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    I thought learning in your dreams was a baby/toddler thing. You mean I get to look forward to this for years to come?! My baby girl, now 17 months old, woke up two days ago signing and saying “dream”. Oh, how I long to know what she has tucked into her mind and heart. This is not something I taught her directly but she has seen it a couple times in a ASL signing video. She said it as if she has known it all along. Leaves me completely speechless… something not too many people can do!

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    Oh, Laura, this was great! It is just as my 7 year old thinks and talks! He is such a gift! Little boys and outerspace dreams are such a sweet blessing, aren’t they?

    Thank you for your precious comment, too! Your encouragement is such a blessing! 🙂


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    Oh how I love to read what you write – especially when you write about little boys. Snuggle and never ever stop. Just 6 weeks ago I crawled in bed with my 19 year old. Mind you he was still asleep, but I had to press my head into his big broad shoulder blades and get a whiff of him. I may never get to again and I want just one more last memory.
    Keep writing. Keep suggling.

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