Happy Feet

Easter is over and I now carry the joy of the resurrection with me. However, today, I am once again reminded of the temporal nature of this life.
Today, my feet turn thirty-nine years old. Along with the rest of my body, that is. Yet, when unveiled after the long winter, I couldn’t help noticing that the feet seem to have taken the brunt of those years. They’ve walked a lot of miles. So many years of cheap shoes make the feet a bit complaintive. Looking at them is like reading a long story.
The first ten years of my life I spent toughening them up. As a young girl, I was very proud of how I could run barefoot up a rocky path. No one would ever call me a tenderfoot. They were happier with freedom back then: naked toes digging into cool oozing mud, traipsing in the beds of snake infested creeks, clinging to the outstretched branch of a tree…It was paradise.
The last twenty-eight years I’ve spent trying to undo the evidence of my irresponsible youth. Pumice stones, foot scrubs, foot soaks, even microderm abrasion…all to no avail. I still cannot get that West Virginia dirt out of those little cracks on my heels. It doesn’t help that the mutinous twins still prefer to go au naturale. It just makes my feet happy. And dirty. Grass stain is unrelenting.
And sandal season is neigh upon us. This time of year I turn a critical eye upon the feet. I start packing them in Burt’s Bees Balm every night and binding them up in some freaky nonabsorbent socks that are specially designed to keep my feet nice and greasy all night long. And the next day. But when that stuff rubs off, it’s just the same old feet again. Same cracked heels. Same West Virginia dirt. Same grass stain.
My yoga instructor tells me that my feet are my roots. That I am a tall tree, firmly planted in the earth. If this is true, and every part of me stems from these roots, what is to become of the rest of me that rises up out of these weathered beginnings? What kind of crazy decrepit plant am I?
As I ponder the mysteries of my humble foundations, I notice the scar just below my left ankle. A rock climbing incident. I smile at the memories the sliver of translucent skin elicits. My eyes travel to a small bump in the midsection: a much less glamorous suburban dog walking incident. This memory only elicits head shaking. Calluses and corns, freckles and scars, I marvel at the stories that these feet tell.
These are living roots. From the exciting, to the silly, to the mundane, I am bound in the happenings to which my feet testify. They travel along with me. Rather than anchoring me in place, they plunge me headlong into the next adventure of life. Without hesitation. Perhaps those ten years of hardening weren’t for naught after all. Sometimes we need tough feet to walk where we must in life.
The skin sloughing scrub is back up on the shelf. I view my feet with more respect; their blemishes as marks of character. I might even paint my toenails.
As I reach to the vanity to peruse the nail polish, I catch a glimpse of the image in the mirror. Here we go again. I wonder if Burt’s Bees makes anti-aging, pouch reducing eye serum.
Getting old is not for the tender foot.


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    Happy Birthday Laura.

    I would say you are an “Oak of Righteousness” that displays His splendor.

    You can see so easily through your heart written in words the display of His splendor through you. You soak it all in….allowing the truths to take your root system down deep.

    You are truly His radiant one.

    Have a blessed birthday. I celebrated my 50th this year…JUBILEE!


    PS. I had to move my blog. The link to this response will take you to my new blog which looks VERY similar to my old blog. I even carted some of my previous posts to make it feel home to me. I had to change web addresses so that’s why I had to move. Please make a note of my change, cause I don’t want to lose connection with you! The new web address is: http://jewelsightings.blogspot.com.
    If you can’t find me you can always go to my old blog where I put a link to the new one.

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    Girl, I LOVED this post so much. And I went back and read your last post and loved it, too. I love your writing. I think we are secretly related or something, because it seems like we are always on the same wavelength! My next post is on age spots, and it is so similar to this post, it is scary!

    Laura, really, you have a beautiful way of expressing yourself through writing. You always take me somewhere when I read your stuff. You keep it up, friend, and God will continue to surprise you by what He does with it. 🙂

    I love you and can’t wait to hug your neck when I see you this summer! Warning: I’m a squealer and will likely let out a huge squeal to match my huge hug when I see you!

    Lisa 🙂

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    Happy Belated Birthday Laura!!!
    I loved this post. I too adore your writing. I am so glad that you are blogging. God has really blessed you and using you to bless us. Keep saying “yes to God” in this area of your life. I feel like I could sit here for hours & just read your writings.
    Love you,
    You’re going to She Speaks right??

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