Supermarket Poetry

At the supermarket today, minding my own business. Little cutie and mom wander into my shopping space. She couldn’t have been more than three.

“Mommy,” she says, “I have a poem I want to tell you.”

Mom is distracted. Looking at cans, putting things in the cart. She doesn’t respond.

“Is that ok? Just a little poem?”

Mom says something nondescript. Still no eye contact. We moms have a lot on our minds.

I pause. Pretend to read the label a moment longer.

“I smell the flower, it smells sweetie sweet.
The birdie sounds tweety tweet.
Berries are my favorite tweet.” (She actually said tweet instead of treat. Cute, or what?)

There was more, but mom was walking away and taking the poem with her.

I stood in the aisle, lonely now, repeating the brilliant words of this poem in my head. They made me smile.

How sad, thought I, that the mom missed this precious moment. And then: How many moments like this have I missed? Too many.

Life is crazy, and sometimes…sometimes I just don’t have enough to give.

But here is what God has been telling me lately: Every moment is sacred.

Life goes too fast. To slow down and actually be there in each moment; this is what true living is all about. Instead of impatience, always thinking of the next moment and not appreciating the present; instead, to see my world with eyes of love…this is what Jesus wants me to do.

To be present in each moment.

It sounds so simple.

Yet…I know I will fail. Over and over again.

But I must try.

Because I want to smell the flowers, sweetie sweet. And hear the birds, tweety tweet.

But most of all, when this life is over, I want to know that I let love lead me through it. Not time. Or fear. Or shame. Not money, or things. Just love.

Every moment is sacred. I want to live like I believe this.

Because I do.


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    Hi Laura,
    I’ve been out of town again too & I’m trying to catch up on my e-mails and blog comments.
    Thank you for checking in. We did have a great trip and I too thought St. Paul’s Chapel was very moving. The whole trip was so much fun.
    We helped my son-in-law & daughter Thurs. Fri. and Sat. with their automotive swap meet (second annual) and I’m pooped. He’s in charge and it’s held at a large fair ground. I’ve been awake since 4:30 a.m. so I’d better not write much….probably won’t make sense. I’ll check back after I’ve had a chance to read your latest posts. I always enjoy them so much.
    Thanks again & I’ll chat soon.

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    Oh I love this! Why is it so easy to miss the present? I remember an earlier blog you talked about how your Saturdays are family days and not crammed with every sport practice, or game or places to be, commitments like crazy and I remembered thinking to myself, I want to pursue that kind of life. Yet we’ve never been able to establish any type of slow down mentality. We are always wanting to go go go. Any suggestions???

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    As usual your words are piercing and beautiful.
    I love the vulnerability in which you write.. I feel a kindred spirit with you as I read.

    I know you read my posts on the wasps and how I do not want to live in this life numbed to life itself.

    It’s so easy to be that woman in the supermarket.
    It’s so tough to be still and notice the moments. I’ve never been very good at it in my flesh. It doesn’t come natural…yet it truly is the supernatuarl at work within us, don’t you think?

    I love reading your heart!

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    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I share your frustrations! It is so hard to be mindful of our circumstances and stay in the present. It’s an ongoing struggle for me. For some ideas, check out this article I wrote last year:
    It’s about remaining mindful of God throughout a busy day, and gives some of the tools that I use. Bless you, Dear One! I hope the unpacking goes well!

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    If you can’t get the link to work, just go to my website:
    then go to articles and click on the one entitled: To See the Unseen

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    Oh, Laura, this spoke straight to my heart! I grieves me to know that I, too, have missed moments of ‘tweet berries’ because of a preoccupied mind or just “mama weariness”. But Jesus, through you, has given me a refreshed mind with which to look at tomorrow with my boys. i must focus one day at a time, so as to not miss the moment!

    Thank you for sharing this, dear one!

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    Hi Laura,
    In response to your comment on my blog….
    An automotive swap meet is where vendors pay Zack for a space or spaces (that my daughter & her husband spent hours measuring and marking)some covered, some outside….to set up cars, car parts – old and new….really just whatever they would like to bring auto related. [however, in my roaming around I found a lady selling Home Interior Candles alongside her husband with his “stuff” and I bought a few :)]
    I’d never been around anything like this before. When Kristen first met Zack he would go to these swap meets and we didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. He is extremely fond of GTO’s and has several old cars that he will eventually restore or sell.
    Last year was our family’s first experience. My husband knows a little about cars, but I knew (know) nothing. A vendor may have just the part someone else needs who is restoring a car. I would watch people walking to their cars with a bumper?? and there were tools, tires, rims etc.
    Just all kinds of stuff. As you can tell by the pictures, some are really old cars. Last year this guy sold a ’57 Chevy (I think) for twenty something thousand dollars and it was not even finished at all inside. They said the person who bought it, fixed it up & it sold it for $90,000. It’s pretty crazy.
    Zack and his dad have gone to swap meets all his life and they still do. His parents are awesome and so supportive.
    Yep, I was extremely tired Sat. night when we got home. We live 2 hours away. I told my husband I didn’t think I would go to church the next day, but I woke up all refreshed and did go!
    His website is if you’d like to check it out.
    Bet you wish you hadn’t ask, huh? 🙂
    Talk to ya later,

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    Thanks for the article. I especially enjoyed the suggestions on creating my home to be a reminder in itself of ushering the Lord in everyday. It will be easy for me to do with the new house! Thanks so much!

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    Hi, Laura! This was my first time visiting your blog (traveled here through Ann’s blog..), and I just want you to know that Christ used you to speak to my heart today! I needed to hear this…and I wanted to say thanks for allowing Him to speak so beautifully through you! Hope you and your family have a blessed week, and I’m sure I’ll be checking back again soon! In Him, Amy

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    Gulp. Tears actually welled up in my eyes. I’m sure I miss out on moments like this. Ouch. What precious ones we have and no time for them. They must feel invisible sometimes.

    Thanks for this sobering and GOOD reminder! What an adorable poem!

    P.S. I’m so glad you tried the homemade noodles!!! WTG!

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    Hi Laura,
    Here from Ann’s.
    I strive for this everyday. I love the idea of trying, and knowing we will fail, but keep trying. That’s me in a nutshell!!
    Don’t we need His grace?
    Thanks for this.

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