Tales of a Fifth Grade Field Trip

Hello, Dear Ones! I survived my trip with 130 fifth graders to Cincinnati and back. Thank you for all your prayers! It was touch and go at times, but all in all, a growth inspiring experience. Mr. T seemed to have a great time hanging out with his friends and I enjoyed hanging back and watching.

If you ever get a chance to go to the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, you are in for a treat. “Originally built in 1933 as the Union Terminal train station, the building was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1977. Union Terminal stands on a prominent location one mile northwest of the city center. Visitors approach the 10-story, arched, limestone and glass facade of the building from the east through a quarter-mile plaza. The dome is flanked on either side by curving wings. An illuminated fountain, cascade and pool lie in the foreground center.” (quoted from the museum’s website ) It’s gorgeous! You could spend all day at this amazing facility and still not have enough time to soak up all it has to offer. Needless to say, our guys enjoyed the cavern replica and the ice age exhibits the best. These boys require hands on entertainment. Here is our gang, just hanging out under a fake rock wall. Aren’t they cute?

The main attraction for us parents, however, was the movie at the Imax theater. Unbeknownst to many of us until arrival, the feature attraction was called “The Human Body”, and touched on some subjects that, needless to say, we have not addressed with our children yet. It was a very well done movie, and tasteful, just a bit of a surprise. Let’s just say that now I have a good launch pad from which to discuss the finer points of human sexuality with my son. Mostly, the kids were freaked out by it all. Some of the parents too. Our offspring are going to start Middle School next year, so I see it more as a curtain call for me to address this issue with him. And, since this subject keeps coming up, I think God is trying to tell me something. Something like: Get on with it, lady!”

We went from the museum to the Newport Aquarium , where there were all kinds of fifth grade wonders, including sharks, shark rays, snakes, tropical birds, otters, even face painting. This is the beautiful Carly sporting one of their most popular designs.

As tiring as it was, I have to say I enjoyed the trip. I know my field trip days are numbered, and it was such a treat to see these creatures in their natural habitat (I’m talking about the fifth graders, not the animals.) I was able to eavesdrop a little on my son and find out what he talks about with his buddies (T. and Alex played a game on the way home where they thought of bad words that had double meanings and then tried to use them all in a sentence. E.g. It takes pis-tons to operate the Hoover Dam. Isn’t that lovely?)

When Teddy was in kindergarten, I knew all of his classmates by name. I even ran a ten week social skills training group with the kids. As I looked around at all the fifth grade faces yesterday, I recognized many of them from those sweet days. They were the same, but different. Their baby fat has been replaced by pimples and braces.

I was blessed by a busload of obnoxious kids yesterday. They reminded me how precious time is.


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    Hi Laura, I am exhauseted for you! What a trip and so much to learn and take in with the young students. I remember the days – wonderful memories. I loved your previous post. Your writing is so relaxing!! The pictures you paint settle my soul causing me to consider wht is really important in life. Thanks for letting us all read your work of art.

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    My daughter is also in 5th grade and will be starting middle school next year (here in nc). I am a bit overwhelmed by all that I think I should do to prepare her (including all sexuality questions…!) for this next big step. And so what could I do?..I just started a blog! Not much there yet but would love your comments, suggestions, etc. -www.firstinthemiddle.blogspot.com

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