The Birdz and the Beez part II

So I was tucking Jeffrey in the other night, you know; the night of the two-headed bird incident.

Nonchalantly, I said to the dark: “So, do you have any questions for me?”

“No, not really”, he responded sleepily, “Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering if there has been anything on your mind.”

“No, not really. Why?”

“Oh, no reason, really. Just wanted to talk, I guess.”

He rolled over to face me and threw his arms around me in a gentle hug.

“We don’t need to talk.”

I should have stopped right there. I mean, who could ask for anything more? But the image of the two-headed bird kept popping into my mind. What if it was a topic of discussion at school that day?

“Well, I was just wondering….if you had any questions about…the birds and the bees.”

I said it quickly, as if that would counter any harmful effects my craziness might have on his little psyche. I watched the profile of his face in the light from his closet. He scrunched his brow into a thoughtful expression.

“Yes. I do have a question, mommy.”

Here we go, thought I, taking a deep breath and bracing myself.


“Have you seen any bees yet?”

I closed my eyes in gratitude.

“Not really,” I responded. “Just one wasp out in the yard today.”

“I saw a wasp too!”

“I guess it’s a little too early.”

“I guess.”

He rolled back over and closed his eyes and I thanked God that it was a little too early. The image of the two-headed bird long gone from his mind, floating right over his precious head.

Thank God for innocence. Thank God.


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    Laura, it’s me. I’m still thinking of your sucking out things with that vacuum. God is so moving in your life and that’s what I hear sucking out the dirt. You are being a good steward of your pain. That’s what I long to do. Love to you this day. Bev

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    Laura, That is precious. Don’t you love how God prepares the way and shows us if it’s time?

    It’s just like with a butterfly trying to get out of a cocoon too soon. If you help it out you deform it and stunt it’s growth. I love that God showed you not the “help” your son out of where he is as a 9 year old. That is just awesome.

    Yesterday there was an animal show on the Science channel. My kids like to watch those. The topic of mating came up. My 15 year old son heard it coming up and began to fast forward through it.
    My 10 year old wanted to know what mating was.
    I told her briefly and that we would talk about it when she was a little older. That was enough for her.

    One step at a time with these little ones. You tested the waters to find out if it was time to step in. God showed you it wasn’t. Your heart was beautiful in watching for your God.


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    God has brought together some precious bloggers. Those who are doing the chronological reading together are mainly all new bloggers since January 1st to me except for Fran and Holly and Alana—I had blogged with them since the summer. I just put up a post on New Year’s Eve if anyone wanted to join me in reading the Bible chronologically. I didn’t know if I could get 1 or 10 people. About 25 said yes and some are silent, others comment more. I am so in love with these ladies and their passion for the Word. They have been so hospitable to my soul. I met Annette a month ago and invited Holly to my hometown to hear Beth Moore. But that’s it. These are really people I don’t know that well but God has bonded us together. Thanks for asking. Kind of really interesting to me. Certainly has met a huge need for me with all the silence from lifelong friends that is in my life right now. God has showed up through blogging and that’s mystifying to me. He has showed up through bloggers like you!

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    Laura, your words to me on my blog are precious.

    Thank you for your beauty displayed.

    Keep moving forward, one step at a time, allowing Him to reveal who you are to Him.

    He is coming for you! I see it.


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    Laura, I had to go back and read the first part of the two headed bird and I have laughed out loud here! This is too cute!! My own 7 year old would respond the same way…but 2 weeks later he would, in the middle of the bread isle at walmart with 3 starngers in ear shot say, “mom, HOW are those birds aking babies?”

    Yes, girl, having boys and a hubby, I am learning it takes a few days to process things with them sometimes and when you least expect it, it spews on you! haha

    Praying for you to be prepared with the right words at the right time as the Holy Spirit prompts your son’s innocent little heart!

    Thanks for sharing this!! I am loving and so relating to all the glimpses of boy life!!

    love you, friend!

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    well “the talk” came for my girl recently. She is 8.5 but very intelligent (I say that to show that her mind is always working and trying to figure things out).

    She had asked times before about babies and such and I’d say “we’ll talk about that when you are older”. Well recently she said out of the blue “well since a baby looks like both parents, something from the dad must get into the baby” (or some such thing)…so I passed that off to talk about “later”. Well a week or so later she said “Oh I figured it out – the baby looks like both parents b/c God knew who was going to be married so He made them look like both parents.”

    Since her brain was obviously still very curious and trying to come up w/a right answer – we talked about it. I just gave some basic info in a scientific way and did not mention anything about “pleasure” and the like…for all she knows it only happens when someone is gonna have a baby – and that’s ok for now. She didn’t have much to say. Bad thing – brother (6 in 1 month) was eavesdropping and heard a few things…

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    This was sweet! Gotta love our children!! I had to read part one to get the full story and it put a smile on my day. Thanks!
    In His Graces~Pamela

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