The Friday of Lamentation

Today is the day of the feast. My heart is ready. I have spread the banquet. My love is here. I rejoice on this Friday of Lamentation, because I know how the story ends. But my heart is tender, nonetheless.

Last night, we read Matthew’s account of Jesus’ prayers in the Garden and His arrest. I explained to the boys what Nisan 15 was, and how we know that on the night of Jesus’ arrest, there was a full moon. We parted the curtains and stared in awe at the same moon that witnessed the events of that night.

How do you think they felt when they saw Him taken away?
Quiet. Somber. Downcast eyes.

And then later, a flood of tears.

Why do you cry? I asked.

I don’t know, he said.

More tears, trembling, gasping tears.

I wrapped him in my arms.

Whispered softly in his ear: It’s Jesus.

There’s so much love, he said.

I know.
I know.


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    Laura, How passionate and tender this post is. How precious…it reminds me of when my 17 year old watched a video by Michael W. Smith depicting Jesus on the cross and His blood flowing down and hitting the ground. She just began to sob. She was young then, I can’t even remember how old, but it hit her in a profound way.

    It’s so precious to see the Holy Spirit come upon us and allow us to feel it deep within, to connect with the passion that was displayed on that cross. It’s all for love.

    Thanks for popping in and wishing me a Happy Easter. I pray yours is filled with the revelations of the Father, Son and Spirit to your heart.


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    These Easter posts are poignant and a good reminder of what’s important this weekend…thank you for posting them!

    Happy Easter to you, Laura, and thanks for your timely advice!

    Mary at Home-steeped Hope

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    Hi Laura,
    I got back just this evening from my NYC trip. Thank you for your prayers for us. It was a great trip filled with favor from God as well as His protection, blessings, and many, many memories I will always treasure.
    I’ll be posting in the next couple of days about it as well as sharing pictures.
    What you wrote about your son is precious. What a tender moment for you both. I’m looking forward to reading more of this post in depth.
    We were visiting St. Patricks Cathedral yesterday on Holy Day. What a beautiful place!
    Happy Easter, Laura.
    Thanks again for lifting us up in prayer.

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    Laura, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story! Children teach us much about living with a heart and soul that are open to Christ. God bless you and your brood today and every day.

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