An Endless List of Gifts

Last night, the trees whispered to me.

I have always wanted a fence in our back yard, just to make it easier with the dogs. As it is, anytime they need to go out I have to leash ‘em up and walk around the house a time or two. Very inconvenient. But sometimes, I am grateful that a fence costs too much, and we don’t have the pioneer ability to put one in ourselves. God has used these quiet times, especially in the evening, to share a moment with me.

Last night, as my furry babies lumbered around the front yard, I heard the tiniest of rustling noises. Looking up, I saw the limbs of our Bradford pear gracefully moving in rhythm to the spring breeze. The newly born blossoms on her branches made the sweetest of noises, and as I watched her bend and sway, I was caught up in this mysterious dance of nature. I felt the language of the wind and the trees and it filled my heart with joy. I knew the Lord was there.

Oh, my dear friend, when was the last time you shared such a moment with the Lord? A moment so sweet that He brings tears to your eyes because of His tenderness?

I know I have talked at length about gratitude before. But, again, I feel compelled to speak of the power there is in thankfulness. Yesterday, while at the hospital, I discussed everything I have learned about the benefits of having a thankful heart with one of my patients. This dear 89 year old has suffered a stroke, and is going through the most difficult season of her life. She is having trouble falling asleep. We decided that before she closes her eyes each night, she will think of at least three things that happened during the day for which she is thankful. As we talked, I watched this dear woman’s eyes light up as she thought of her many blessings. Here was something she could understand. Here was something that had great power in her mind and heart. There is nothing so amazing to turn one’s thoughts around as gratitude.

That is why I have decided to join one of my favorite bloggers, Ann at Holy Experience, and share with you my Endless List of Gifts. I call Ann “Beautiful Heart” because reading her posts makes my heart ache from their beauty. Today I will begin. My goal is to share something I am blessed by every time I enter this portal that is our friendship.

Here are my first offerings…

1. My Pussy Willow dancing in the spring breeze. Beautiful.

2. Two boxes of melt-in-your-mouth pralines sent directly from
the Savannah Candy Company from someone we love.

3. An afternoon nap on a rainy day with two Boston Terriers.


  1. says

    Laura, I’m back again, responding to your response to my blog! : )

    I am so glad that Papa spoke through me to you.
    I am so honored that He would allow that.

    Yes, I wish we could meet face to face and share our hearts and His great love for us….one day….for all eternity!

    Have a blessed day, friend,

  2. says

    Hey Laura! Sorry I have been missing for so long 🙁 it’s been a very busy year already!

    I just wanted you to know I have posted your interview at EDIT RED. IF you are a member go to my place and check it out.


  3. says

    I have been very aware more than ever lately how very blessed I am.
    Just today I thanked God for a good report at my yearly dr. visit and I thanked Him that He waited until later in the afternoon to send the heavy rain. I had to drive about 30 miles and don’t like driving in rain.
    Just little things like that…I’ve learned to appreciate…not to mention the huge things He constantly does.
    I’m thankful for my sweet friends I’ve met on my blog.
    He is good!
    Do you work full time at the hospital? I think that would be a very fulfilling job.
    I’m heading off to bed now. We worked with about 44 teenagers at church tonight and they wore me out! I think I’m getting too old. 😉
    Talk to you soon.

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