Liferunning 2

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So you’re thinking about running (insert your hobby/interest here). You’ve read about it. You’ve even prayed about it. You had your stride examined by that expert sport shoe guy at SportMart. There’s a new pair of running shoes waiting expectantly by the door that are made of the latest top of the line cushiony stuff with super duper gel-like insoles. You’ve chosen the optimal jogging route and measured the distance with your odometer at least 75 times. You have the most darling running outfit a girl could ever want.

All you need to do now is take that first step.

There is only one problem: You are paralyzed. You just don’t know how to start.

I hate to tell you this, but Nike was right on this one. The only way to get started is to put one foot in front of the other. Repeatedly.

On Running: One of the first things that I have found helpful when beginningsomething new is that I must first Know Where I Am Going .

What is my Big Picture goal? I ask myself: Why am I running? Is it to lose weight? Build muscle? Improve overall health? Or do I just enjoy it? The Big Picture is the thing that will make this new endeavor part of who I am.

You must have a reason for embarking on this new adventure. In this way, you will know when you have reached your destination. Your overall goal will set the course for your smaller goals.

Write down what your Big Picture goal is. Be specific. For example, how many pounds do you want to lose? How much time do you want to invest?

Next, I Make a Plan to get Me There.

I call these my Snapshot Goals. They are the building blocks that will get me to my Big Picture goal.

If you keep in mind only your Big Picture goal, you will be easily overwhelmed. If you want to lose weight, you need to set smaller goals to reach the Big Picture. How many calories do you need to burn? How long do you need to run to burn those calories? How many times a week?

We need to have a daily plan as to how we are going to reach the Big Picture. But we must always keep the Big Picture in our minds.

On Life: Having goals is beneficial, not only because it helps us to get where we want to go, but also because it keeps us from going down the wrong roads. What is your Big Picture goal in life? Do you want to live a life devoted to God? If so, what are the Snapshot Goals that will make this happen? Break it down into smaller steps and be specific. If we are not specific with our Snapshot Goals, it will be tempting to lose the Big Picture. We might go down a path that leads us to a different Big Picture than the one we want.

When I was a young woman I went out on a date with a young man I had met through mutual friends. I liked him. He was cute and he was nice. We had a lot of fun together. On our next date he took me to a party a friend was having. After a time of socializing, I noticed he was missing. I couldn’t find him anywhere. I looked all over the house. I found him in the bathroom with several other people. He was sitting on the toilet with a mirror on his lap. On the mirror was quite a bit of a white powdery substance. It was clear that he was the center of this little party. I never saw him again. That was a road that I knew with great conviction that I did not want to go down.

There will be many roads before us as we run through life. The Big Picture helps us to decide which fork in the road we choose. If we do not have a Big Picture in life, it’s easier to lose our way.

We have to know who we are. We have to know what we believe. And then we have to live every day keeping that Big Picture in mind.


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    oh this is really what I needed to read right now Laura. So often I set out to do something without a plan to follow. Thank you friend. yes lots going on here but good

  2. says

    You are doing an awesome job with this Laura.

    I am thinking about my “writing” as you talk of your running.

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my article. You have no idea how much that means to me….

    Love to you!

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    Oh how true that we can take our everyday experience and apply them to life experiences. I love how you are teaching through your running. I love looking at the Big Picture! I’m a dreamer! It’s planning, work and the effort that it takes that usually scares me away. I look forward to reading more!

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