The Little Things

Her words have been stolen from her. A once brilliant mind now struggles to maintain this train of thought.
But this she says, struggling to say so much more: “Life is…oh! Life is crazy.”
She finishes, and the look on her face is of one who has uttered a great revelation.
She has been telling me about her life. All the goals and aspirations, all the joys and tribulations, all the tiny minutiae of her days before a tumor started pushing on places in her brain unreachable by human hand or modern technology. The risks are too great.
I am standing, hovering near the door, my clipboard clutched to my chest. My work is done.
But she wants to talk.
I teeter.
There is still much to do.
But she wants to talk.
There is wisdom here. Do we mine these places anymore? Or do we raze this land? Tiny pearls are poured into my hands.

“A mother must be there for her children.”
“You have to keep a sense of humor about the whole thing.”
“The little things, that’s what life is about. Going to Sunday school and holding that baby’s hand.”

The next words may be empty, circulocuitous, irrational or irrelevant.
But here and there…is wisdom.
Evidence of a life well-lived and loved. Self-sacrifice and faithfulness.
I sit down on the bed, and I put my clipboard down.

I sit here now, thinking about our conversation. And how her face lit up when I put my arm around her. Her eyes changed, or was it something behind them? She felt valued. And believe me, my friend, she was.

Isn’t that what we all want? To be valued by others? To touch a life? Make a difference?

And I begin to think of what mark I am leaving on this world.

Perhaps it is small and written in crayon, but I must leave this mark nonetheless.

We leave this afternoon for Shepherdstown, WV, so my Teddy can participate in the state math field day competition. A six hour drive up to the eastern panhandle of the state. It all seems rather much. But as I ponder these words my friend said to me: “A mother must be there for her children,” I know that it is about so much more than a math competition.

There is something waiting for us on the other side of this adventure. And I plan on finding out what it is. God speaks to me in these little things. In “going to Sunday school and holding that baby’s hand”. He speaks to me about six hour drives through the mountains. Crossing over into new territory.

I find I am looking forward to it. Looking forward to being trapped in a metal box on wheels with two obnoxious children and a testy husband for six hours.

Isn’t God good?

Pray for our safe travel, Dear Ones. I’ll tell you all about it when we return.


  1. says

    Laura, Traveling mercies for you this weekend.

    Personally I believe it will be another connecting place for you with your sons and husband as you all draw away to focus on this opportunity.

    I have heard Papa saying things to me lately about not losing sight of the little moments with my kids. The time is flying by…. time has been lost…. I wish I could go back sometimes and have a “do over”…yet I relish the fact that Papa restores the years the locusts eat. (Joel 2:).

    I am asking Papa to give you and yours a special time of connection that brings memories that last a lifetime.

    Love to you this day, my friend.

    PS. I always love the way you express your heart….it is such a sweet aroma!

  2. says

    Good luck, Teddy!

    I pray even as I write for your safety and even more for your union as a family as you experience one more event together.

    So beautiful the way you are able to describe your job as more than a job. God speaks to us in so many ways and I love that you are listening, such a hard thing at times. God Bless you!


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    My favorite memories – trapped in the metal box on wheels – no phone, no TV (praise God we didn’t have the option of in car DVD’s for the long trips – we enjoyed each other) Go get ’em. Oh – and thanks for stopping long enough to put the clip board down and touch your patient. I have been the one who needed the understanding touch of a care giver. The touch, the gift of time energized me for the next few hours before falling apart and needing another touch. God bless you for being human and listening to your heart.

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    Laura, I pray God’s protection over you and your family as you travel.
    Thank you for always making me think. Reading your blog always inspires me to be better or try harder.
    I completely agree that we all want to make a difference, but what’s hard for me to grasp is that it doesn’t have to be something miraculous..just like with you placing your arm around the lady…what a difference that jesture (tiny in some eyes) made in her day!
    Thanks and best of luck with the math competition!

  5. says

    I will pray for you as you travel…I too will be driving 6 hours (north to PA) with my boys!
    Praise God for the ‘mundane’ gifts…they are often the best!!!

    (psst…you looked like Jesus when you stayed a moment to listen! 😉 )

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    I pray that you all had a wonderful time in the car traveling together and I pray your son did well in the competetion.
    I’ll be anxious to hear all about it.

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