The Wedding Party

When I turn my face into a gentle spring breeze, my heart always rejoices. I feel that it is God’s fingertips that brush over my face, His breath that stirs my hair. I often close my eyes and breath in deeply, savoring this tangible reminder of His presence. When I am perched high to enjoy this sensation, I feel like a queen; and I lift my head, upturning my face to my King, basking in His love. But today…today something else came with the wind.

The fruit trees have donned their glory for this season, dotting the landscape with color and filling the air with their heady perfume. When I step out onto the stoop this morning, the air is filled with pear blossom confetti, thousands of white petals shed into the breeze, a wafting shower of celebration. My heart lifts as I step down into the midst of their swirling and dancing delight and I am carried away.

I am part of the bridal party, which joyfully frolics under this confetti…this parade of living joy that dances and whirls in the air. I am the bride, a most treasured one anticipating the joy that is to come!

The petals swirl around me, in obvious delight, settling in my hair and every crack and crevice offered. I lift my arms, slowly turn around and round. I am walking on a blanket of flowers dropped from heaven as the saints rejoice.

Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.” Revelation 19:7 (NIV)


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    It’s hard to fathom it all really, being the Bride of Christ…waiting for that wedding day to arrive.

    It brings joy to my heart to consider the beautiful weddings I have witnessed and experienced. They are only a glimpse of what ours will be.

    To be chosen and dearly loved as His beautiful bride.
    I scarce can take it in.

    Thanks for another beautiful post.

    Love to you,

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    Love the bride of Christ post, dear friend and the gorgeous word pictures. I have a tea plant outside my kitchen window. The aroma wafting outside lifts me up and sends me to lovely places. Thanks for painting such gorgeous pictures with your words- better than looking at Southern Livin’!

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    Laura thank you for visiting my blog, it prompted me to read yours and it brought a smile to my face! What beautiful imagery. The greatest thing is it’s true…soon our groom will come for us! What a wonderful day that will be.
    Have a blessed week.
    In Him,

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    marvelous metaphors
    what beautiful beauty

    Your beauty is beautiful too!

    I think we were thinking of each other about the same time. Hope you are doinng well. God is so showing up in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful even though we have no jobs. So touched by Hannah who was sad “no more” even though childless because she entered her sorrow and was touched by her Savior. Love your beautiful heart! Bev

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    Thanks for your sweet comment. It looks like great minds think alike. Spring is definitely one of God’s most beautiful paintings.:)

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    More beautiful words, Laura!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog (and Kristen’s) About the cabbage…I think the little bit of bacon grease makes the flavor so good. Kristen doesn’t eat butter, salad dressing or like meat that much. I’m not sure where she got it b/c my husband & I both like everything.
    She will probably make cabbage one day and decide she might need a little bacon grease. 🙂
    Hope your Mon. is going well.

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    I pray you are enjoying the blessings of the Lord today.

    It’s really cold here today…pretty weird…we went from 80 degrees a few days ago to 43 today. This is the strangest weather in the south. As I drove around today I noticed the beautiful blossoms of the trees.
    I do love Spring!

    Love to you,

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    Your words are precious to me. Thank you for your words to my post. I also thought of that God as a consuming fire too. I’ll have to think on that a bit more and see if He tells me anything else. I wondered about the fire consuming. In the dream the fire was consuming but dangerous and harmful. Maybe there is something more there. I know Papa will show me if there is.

    Thanks for your sweet words. As usual they touch a place with me.

    Love to you,

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    What a Day that will be. A beautiful spotless Bride and a King rightfully brought into His reign. Wedding Bells. Such a beautiful post painting. Blessings, Annette

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