God has been smiling on our little bit of the earth these past few days. The sun fills the daylight hours and evidences of His glory are announcing themselves everywhere. My fingers have been in the earth as much as possible, kneading and preparing my little patch of land for the beauty that lies sleeping beneath its surface. It made me remember an article I wrote in April of last year for the Charleston Gazette. I pray it blesses you:

I Wait for the Lord

Every spring, I wait. I wait for the dark morning hours to gradually be filled with light. I wait for the symphony of the songbirds. I wait for milder temperatures to lure me out of doors. I wait for the trees to bud out in their umbrellas of blossoms. But most of all, I wait for the flowers.

God has gifted me with a love of all growing things, but perhaps His most precious gift to me in this love, has been my mother-in-law. In her, He has given me a kindred spirit, and one with more expertise and experience than I could ever hope to attain. Over the years, she has celebrated this love with me, through the sharing of her knowledge, and of the treasures from her garden. Every year we watch and wait. Together, we rejoice at each and every shoot of green that reaches through the earth with pointed fingers. At the first glimpse of color, we exclaim at its distinctiveness and proclaim it beautiful. We wait for each flower to reveal herself, to boldly declare the beauty she envelops in her prayer-like sepals. Before each bud matures into the lovely creature it is intended to be, we picture in our minds what they will all look like together, side-by-side in their glory. The blooms come alive in our imaginations, and the garden becomes a thing of expectation, of sleeping joy.

This image is ever before us throughout the year. When the earth appears barren and cold, we hold in our hearts the secret she has hidden in her womb. We rejoice in the waiting because we know what is to come.

And so it is as we wait on God. Just as the flowers have an appointed time to lift their lovely faces to the sun, so are our lives ordered by God’s will.

Scripture tells us that His timing is different than ours. Sometimes this inconveniences us, oftentimes for years. We want our prayers answered in our time frame, according to our stipulations. But always, His solutions are wiser; His timing is perfect. We see the truth of this reflected in the change of seasons, and the way the earth revolves around the sun. We see it in the way our children grow and pass through predictable developmental stages. Perhaps, like me, you have been blessed to also witness this truth in your personal life.

And so, we wait. And because we are human, we forget to keep the image alive in our minds. The darkness looms in the winters of our souls, and we grow weary.

This is why we must not wait alone. For, just as my mother-in-law stands at my side to share the joy of new life in each spring, the joining with others in this waiting peppers our anticipation. We are like the flowers: each beautiful and unique in our singleness, but side by side we reflect a glory that is greater than our own. We were created to stand together, complimenting and strengthening as we do so.

When the landscape of life looks bleak, remember the springtime. Remember the flowers. Underneath the stark and barren exterior lies something beautiful waiting to burst forth. We can rejoice in the waiting because we know what is to come.


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    What a great post so beautifully written! Look at the beauty of each one of his flowering creations? Magnificant what God can do! And then I think of His transforming power within us…just as amazing. I want to blossom from the inside out and be just as breath-taking as all the creation we see in spring. Waiting, cultivating, watering…all from His handiwork. What a blessing this has been. Thank you!

    In His Graces~Pamela

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    My sister is the one whom I stand with, side by side, in our journey to reach out and experience what God has designed for each of us. This is beautiful, Laura. I’m going to send a link to this. She is venturing out into the gardening world, but without a mentor like you had. She’s just reading and trying it out on her own… much braver than I would ever be!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog! But they scared me a little bit with picturing her growing up! I held her for nap time today, which went much smoother :o) and she already looked bigger!

    And yes! I will be going to SheSpeaks and looking forward to it! I originally decided to drive to save $$$ but a little nervous now since the accident. I’m hoping the fears go away before then. How about you? Are you going to be there?

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    As usual the beauty of your heart shines through this post.

    I think of two things:
    1. This post makes me think of my Mimi who died March a year ago at 90 years old. She loved flowers and gardens. She could root anything. I remember her taking a rose, rooting it and giving us a plant.
    She loved her flowers and her garden. She loved telling me about her plants that were growing. One year I gave her a Camelia bush and she couldn’t wait to tell me when it bloomed.

    2. The other thing I think of is the bush that sat beside my driveway at our old house. In the late fall my husband cut all the dead branches down. It was just a stump. I was in a “winter of the soul” and every day I would drive by it and wonder if my husband had killed it. Somehow this little stubby bush represented my life. I felt so dead inside.
    As Spring approached I drove by one day and noticed a tiny little shoot of green coming out of one of the cut off branches. New life….. At the same time Papa was saying to me, “you’re not dead, the seed of life indwells you.” “Spring is coming”.

    I will never forget that time in my life and what Papa did. It was a time of great pruning in order for new life to emerge. By the end of Spring that stubby bush was filled with green life, beautiful vibrant life.

    It’s amazing to me how much this post goes with the post that you read on my blog. I guess Papa’s talking to us, huh?

    Love to you,

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    That is just beautiful. I am blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law as well.
    Thank you for the comment on my blog. I am blessed and never want to take for granted the grounded upbringing I had in the church. It’s like my second family.
    I love Ps. 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” My desire is that my children always walk with the Lord. I pray they both find a good church filled with awesome encouragers, just like I have had. I know God honors a request like that. He will for you too.
    Thanks Laura for checking in on Kristen’s blog. I have met some of the sweetest friends on here and I’m just lovin’ every minute of it. She’s heard me talk so much about you all, so it thrills me that she’s getting involved too.
    Have yourself a great weekend. The sun is shining here today! YEAH!
    Love ya,

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    I came to your site via Pamela’s.
    Thank you for those encouraging words.
    Waiting on God is so difficult…I love your comparison to the growth of a flower. I know my flowers will bloom, and I know how beautiful they will be….when they bloom.
    Thank you for that illustration for my own life……My soul needed to hear it so much.
    In Christ,

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