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Here are are the top 15 things I learned while on a day trip with the third graders yesterday to the Columbus Zoo:

  1. Don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach the morning of a 3 ½ hour drive on a bus full of third graders.
  2. Third graders can hold their bladders for an extremely long time.
  3. Once a third grader realizes he or she needs to go to the bathroom, they need to go NOW!
  4. Getting a third grader up at 5:30a.m. to arrive at school on time for field day departure does not deter them from being extremely rambunctious on said field trip route.
  5. Getting a third grader up at 5:30a.m to arrive at school on time for field day departure leads to an extremely grumpy afternoon when there are still two hours left before leaving for home.
  6. Nestle tollhouse cookies help afternoon grumpiness. (for mom and third grader)
  7. Aimee likes Robert.
  8. Flamingoes are pink in color because of all the shrimp they eat (really!).
  9. Elephants like to blog (Check out Buki’s here)
  10. Third graders are fascinated with life sized sculptures they can climb on.
  11. Birds and fish are more fascinating to a third grader than more exotic animals that are asleep.
  12. Most exotic animals at the zoo are nocturnal and sleep all day.
  13. A large playset area with nets and slides is more fun to third graders than seeing zoo animals.
  14. I don’t like to look at animals in unnatural settings such as the zoo. It seems sad to me. And finally, one of my greatest lessons learned on this trip:
  15. Teachers are my heroes.

It was a fun trip, and I enjoyed watching my Jeffrey interact with his peers. Of course, I already knew he is a pretty special little boy, but yesterday I learned that his classmates think he is kinda neat too.
There was the threat of rain in the air, so when we left, I encouraged my nine year old to take a ball cap with him. This is the one he chose:

My son is not shy about his love for God, and this seems to garner him respect from his classmates. Who could have known? One can only pray that this continues as he advances through school.
I’m still recovering from all the walking while carrying a bag that contained everything necessary for wilderness survival, including: an umbrella, sunscreen in two varieties, water bottles, various snacks, hat, jacket, and the kitchen sink.
I walked around for about six and a half hours with this on my shoulder. Yes, there is a lump of bunched up muscles between my shoulders that may never be the same. So, I should add to my lessons that backpacks are more ergonomically correct than a shoulder bag, right?
Anyway, I hope to be back to myself soon and posting with a little more regularity…I’ll leave you with these lovely images from our trip to enjoy:


  1. says

    I am glad you had an amazing day….

    Isn’t it awesome to see all the amazing things He has made?

    I love the hat your son wore. : )

    The pictures were awesome. I especially liked the one of the white bat, though I don’t really like bats! : ) You could have left the snake one off as far as I am concerned…I didn’t look at it. : )

    I wish we had smiley face icons on here so I didn’t have to make them myself… : )

    I look forward to hearing more of your heart….after you rest yourself up!


  2. says

    OK…now I am really laughing…. my son just told me that that is not a bat, it’s a stingray…shows you what I KNOW! lol : )

    Hope you’re laughing too…..


  3. says

    Hi Laura,
    It’s been a very busy week. I kept intending to write about how my week was going….and it’s actually gone very well. I ate the oatmeal every day (and yes, it is supposed to be proven to lower cholesterol so I’m doing it. I add a tiny bit of butter & a tiny bit of brown sugar) and I got on the treadmill every day, ate a very light lunch and a normal dinner with lighter portions than I usually eat.
    Thank you so much for asking and for the thoughts and prayers. It’s really been easy and I honestly have felt better this week.
    I decided that I would not be quite as strict on the weekends & as you’ll see on my post here in a while, I had a very lovely breakfast this morning. 🙁 Oh well…
    About this post of yours….I think it’s so neat that you were able to go on the field trip with the third graders. I love the hat your son chose to wear. That’s really special.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like y’all had a very fun day.
    Thanks again for checking in.
    Love ya,

  4. says

    Laura, you are so funny!
    I loved the zoo pictures….That is our favorite place to take the boys.
    I like your son’s hat too!:)

    God Bless,

    I hope the lump of bunched up muscles between your shoulders feels better soon!:)

  5. says

    Love the bat, I mean stingray…LOL
    Adorable post…I am teaching school full-time now so it’s everything I hear all the time plus rocks in their pockets from the playground…oh dear me…just stopped by to say hello and that I think you are a “marked” woman.

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