Bedtime Questions

Jeffrey’s bedtime questions tonight:

“How does your nose connect to your throat? I mean, like, when you laugh sometimes, why do orange juice and noodles come out your nose?”

(Orange juice and noodles?)

Try explaining sinuses to a nine year old. Without pictures. In the dark.

But he quickly moved on:

“How big do you think a hamster’s stomach is?”

(A hamster’s stomach? What in the world? The kid has never had one.)

I don’t know if that fist rule is true for hamsters, but that’s the answer I used. You know, a human stomach is about the size of your fist? So….a hamster’s stomach would be…paw-sized?

Parenting this child is going to make me an expert on completely random and useless facts.

Thank God for Google.


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    I love this post! How hilarious!
    Your kid must be so intelligent…I don’t think I’ve ever wondered how my nose connects to my throat 🙂
    Thanks for the laugh!

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    I can tell you when my husband had sinus surgery I was in the room when the dr. took out the packing and I thought he’d never quit pulling that stuff out. (which hurt like heck. My husband is one tough man and he was almost in tears when the dr. was removing that)
    I have a cold right now and am wondering where so much drainage can possible come from and when it’s going away.
    Your kids are too cute! I love hearing stories about them.
    Thanks for the comment. I’m so thankful my kids live near by. Brian and his dad went fishing Sat. evening and then Brian came over for fried fish. This was after I got back from a long day traveling to Ark. I’m always so happy to spend time with my kids & am glad they enjoy coming around us. 🙂 By the way, you can come visit us any ‘ole time you want. We’d love to have you join us for dinner on the lake. 🙂
    Have a great day!

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    Thanks for the comment. It’s always a pleasure to meet new and interesting fellow Christians. People tend to underestimate the intelligence of children. I think they are fantastic. They are so curious about the world around them. I think that is great. The more questions you ask in life, the more you learn and the wiser you become. I think about Solomon a lot and the choice he made to ask God for wisdom over worldly treasures. That really stuck with me when I was little. One of my friends told me, “You know you are truly funny when you can make someone laugh and have food come out their nose… unless they have a deviated septum. Then it doesn’t count.” *snap* It makes me feel good if I can just make someone snort. That’s not as gross as pizza coming out of their nose either. 🙂

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