Folded Neatly, but Not Put Away

Laundry day…

Hands and thoughts are busy.

I see their faces, these children of China. Trapped. Crying.

Mounds of laundry grow.

These two tragedies; fresh. Myanmar. China.

Why am I so blessed with this excess of clothing?

I put on the music. Phil Wickham is singing Grace and Fall Into You.

I fall. Spinning, dancing—these clothes my partner in this crazy grief waltz.

Outside, a storm is brewing. The trees bend and sway with me. They too feel the blood cry out from the earth. Too much. Too much blood spilled.

The clothes are neatly stacked, but the rest of the day is spent sorting. Picking through clothes like dead bodies. Finding that which can be given. Coverings for others in need.

We do what we can. We do what we can.

But we must grieve this fallen earth and her tragedies.

Do what you can.

Gospel for Asia:

World Vision:


  1. says

    I hate laundry with a passion. You have given me a new “look” for when I approach those overloaded baskets of clothes to put away today.

    In His Graces~Panela

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