This week, as I have nursed my sore legs ( find it much easier to run quickly down the stairs instead of taking them one painstaking step at a time), I am reminded of an article I read a while back on conditioning. This author was a fitness expert, and he was encouraging readers to rest between workouts to allow their body to recover and gradually become conditioned to the stress of the exercise. In discussing sore muscles, the author stated that it is during the healing that the muscles grow stronger.


Our hearts are muscle, are they not?

Last night, after the lights went out, littlest son was full of questions about the heart.

“Is it true,” he asked, “That the heart pumps blood through the body?”

Yes, I explained, the heart is a muscle and that is its primary job.

“Then why,” he wanted to know, “Do we say that the heart has to do with love?”


I explained to him that ancient peoples believed that the heart was the center of the body and so when falling in love, it was as if saying you were giving the center of yourself to another person. We talked about how the heart reacts to emotions, beating faster, leaping in joy, etc. (I know, but it was the best I could do under such short notice!)

So, today, I am thinking about my heart.

My reading this morning from 1 Peter 4 told me to “love deeply”. And I am reminded that the more I use my heart muscle, the stronger it will become. But I must also remember that it is in the healing that the strength comes.

For me, this year has been the time of healing. Like my legs, I feel my heart grow stronger through this healing. It has been painful. But I feel closer than I have ever been. Closer to what God has intended for me. He gives me the strength to rest in this painful healing. It would be much easier to plunge headlong down these stairs…it hurts less. But I have walked down one painstaking step after another. Deliberately experiencing all that God has to give me through this suffering.

If your heart has been wounded, you must give it time to heal. It is in the healing that it will grow stronger. Just like the legs, or the arms, or any other muscle in your body, this will take time.

Go to Him. He is your shelter. He will give you the healing rest.

Please let me know if you would like me to pray for you. My heart goes with all fellow sojourners in this healing pilgrammage.

Love to you, Dear Ones.


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    Beautiful post to add to my healing. Loved how your son asked a deep question and how you answered. I also appreciated these sentences you wrote.

    “And I am reminded that the more I use my heart muscle, the stronger it will become. But I must also remember that it is in the healing that the strength comes.”

    Thanks for your tender comment on my blog.

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    Laura, dear friend, another BEAUTIFUL post. I love how you explained things to your son.

    Healing does take time. It’s pretty much the same as having open heart surgery. It just takes time….

    It is SO worth the pain though, isn’t it?

    Thanks for your post to the my blog. I haven’t written on it in a few days as I am working on another devo. for Heart of the Matter to be posted on Friday and finishing up school.

    I do think it would be helpful for you to write the letters….and yes I will be your small group. The letters that you felt appropriate I could also allow my husband to read as he was a facilitator in a group that just finished, so he’s pretty fresh. We make a good team together. So you can tell me which ones he can read if any. Otherwise I’ll be the only one reading them.

    What we did was take blocks of years and work through them. We started with “newborn”.

    Let me know how I can help you!

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    This was so good. I am dealing with some heart issues right now and I don’t want to cooperate with God on it because I think my way of thinking is right…hmm. Tugging of my heart muscles sure is tiring.
    Love ya,

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    Laura… you said you would pray… if we would ask…

    So I ask…

    Please pray for me, that though I married “out” of love… that the
    impossible would materialize. You
    fall more in love with your hubby everyday. After 20 years, I’m still trying to stop fighting or running, and accept that I must learn to love the one I married. Want to or not. It’s sometimes more than I think I can handle. What a sad man he is… what a heart of stone I have.

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