So much to do…
Life is crying out to me. Work is crazy, housework goes unbidden, children clamor…still, I write. The enemy will not let me be, and at times, panic wells up inside like a volcano, threatening and cruel.
And so I stop.
Tonight, I stop to be still for a time.
I sit out back, alone in the dark.
And He does not disappoint, does not fail to meet me here.
The Father of Lights.
From the glow of my candle, to the twinkling stars, to the flashing of the fireflies…
He is showing off again.
I love it when He does that.
He reminds me where light comes from.
I close my eyes, but the Light does not fade. He is with me.
There is a song in my heart, and a light before me.
There is no hurry. His timing is perfect. Tonight I will trust in Him.
Tomorrow is another story.
Then we begin again.


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    I love your words. You described my night last! I was in those same shoes last night and I too, found myself sitting on the back steps in the dark being entertained and reminded of The Father of Lights. I’ve been waiting to see fireflies and they were out last night! But my eyes were quickly drawn heavenward toward the stars. His lesson for me was to fix my eyes on heavenly matters and not get lost in earthly endeavors.
    Why don’t I go out to be alone with the Lord more often?

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    She Speaks is drawing closer… I am praying for you! You are doing a little of two different tracks right? Remember the Lord has great plans for you and what needs done before the conference will get done and He will give you peace for those you think need done and don’t get to!
    See you soon!

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    I love it when God shows off too!:)
    And today I needed the reminder about His timing being perfect….I forget that sometimes.:)

    God Bless,

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    Dear one, Rest, rest, rest in Him. Rest in His embrace. Rest in knowing that He has all things covered. He will speak through you what needs to be spoken. All that you need will be covered. I know from my talks with Shanda that you all have assignments due soon. Don’t get caught up in the “I need to’s…” Rest in knowing that He will show up when the “need to’s” are ready. It’s a place of trust… Been there done that…when I taught Captivating at my old church. Each week I had to read the chapter and wait for a message to teach 25-30 women for an hour…each week I waited….sometimes thinking I was going to be stuck showing a movie. But He always came with words that were not a strain, but a flow.

    I am trusting you are preparing as Shanda…if not, I have totally missed this one!

    You are AWESOME! And it did not sound strange to me that you miss me… I miss you too….seems like life has taken over!

    Love to you!

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    So sweet of you to think of my mom! I’ve only spoken to her a couple times pretty briefly, but I think they’ve had a great time.
    Their coming back tomorrow then she and my in-laws are heading our way Sunday for Zack’s b-day/ Father’s Day celebration 🙂 The poor lady will probably be exhausted!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

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    This: “There is no hurry. His timing is perfect. Tonight I will trust in Him.
    Tomorrow is another story.
    Then we begin again.

    All in His perfect time, Laura…
    I forget.
    Thank you for reminding me.

    You write beautifully. Laura…

    Tonight I meet Bill… I am praying for you as you meet him too at SheSpeaks…

    Indebted, always, ((sister))…

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