Shadow and Light

“When Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.”

He read the marquee out loud as we drove past.

I could see him pondering it in the rearview mirror, and wondered apprehensively what might come next.

“Mommy, someone once told me that the more you say his name, the more powerful he gets.”


“Yes. Is that true?”

I suppressed a smile.

“No, honey, that’s not true. We shouldn’t be afraid of Satan, because our God is more powerful than he. When we feel afraid, we should talk to God about it.”

“Are you sure?”

I reassured my son that saying the devil’s name gives him no power, but later…I began to wonder.

Saturday night at SheSpeaks, Renee Swope spoke about doubt. She related how she has always struggled with insecurity. It was a powerful talk. Renee spoke of her childhood, the brokenness of coming from a place of divorce, poverty, and dysfunction.

Don’t I know all too well the kind of adult such a childhood makes?

As she spoke, Renee did something that still looms in my mind.

She spoke of preparing for a particular speaking engagement. As she put on her makeup, Renee was consumed with self-loathing and doubt. In a moment of anguish, she turned away from the mirror and was struck by the hugeness of her shadow. On stage that night, Renee turned her back to us, the lights were lowered, and her shadow rose high above her. It was so large it seemed it would envelope her. With her back to us, she described how, in that moment, a realization came over her. She understood that the only reason she could see her shadow was because she had turned away from the light. Then, she realized, that she was in the way of the light.

Dear Ones, saying Satan’s name will not make him stronger. But when we repeat the lies he tells us over and over in our heads, we give him power. Don’t turn away from the Light.

This is the third year I have attended SheSpeaks. I understand the crazy kaleidoscope of emotions that follow such a mountaintop experience. Don’t let Satan cast his shadow over you during this time of watering the seeds that were planted.

Draw close to the Light. Here is where you can truly see. You have purpose. It may seem unclear right now just what that purpose is. Do not despair. Hold on to the promises God made you in this crazy journey.

He never lies.

Here is a picture of the prayer room the ladies at SheSpeaks prepared for us. Let it serve as a reminder that we can create a sanctuary like this in our own homes.

Meet with Him.

He loves you.

He wants you to use the gifts He has bestowed upon you.

He just needs to prepare you first.

Shalom, Dear Ones.


  1. says

    “Hold on to the promises God made you in this crazy journey.”

    Thank you for these words. I am really struggling right now. I have apparently been focusing on my shadow instead of the LIGHT.

    It most certainly is a crazy journey, but God promises………:)

    God Bless,

  2. says

    I found you at Amy’s place. I am so glad I did!! This post has really blessed me today. Thank you!
    How Satan thrives on our wallowing in our sadness. But give God the Glory!!! He has won the victory and saved us!

  3. says

    Love this. Always, always, always love your perspective.

    Now I can picture your smile and the way you say things while I’m reading! That’s such fun.

    And just the thought that you want to do the book for the online study blesses my heart so much. You are so gracious, Laura.

    Blessed to call you my friend!
    Lisa 🙂

  4. says

    What a great reminder!!! I’ve been battling negative thoughts lately in a specific area and really needed this today!
    Thank you for so willingly sharing what God lays on you heart!

  5. says

    I like that quote from the marquee. How very poignant because he has NO future!

    From all I’ve heard Renee’s talk was outstanding, as was the whole weekend. I hope to attend next year.

    The scripture that this reminds me of is “draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.” I believe that is James 4:8 which is right after (duh) vs 7 that says to submit yourselves to the Lord; resist the devil and he will flee from you.

    How ironic that I just posted on my blog yesterday about the evil one. I would love for you to stop by, read, relish, and comment.

  6. says

    Thank you so much for this. I missed Renee’s session and I’m starting to think it was the devil that kept me from it. I’ve ordered the audio, but something tells me nothing beats being there.

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