The Endless Gifts Continue…

The first day of summer break has disappeared like smoke; our household settles in to this new routine. The hot, soupy air outside keeps us indoors. We paint, and draw, and play three games of Sorry! The boys are surprisingly quiet. They stay upstairs for hours at a time. As I pass by their lair with a pile of laundry, I hear the sounds of an imaginary universe being played out. I smile at their little boy games. No big plans today…only easing into these lazy days. They know all about easing into things. Maybe they can teach me a little…

SheSpeaks is coming soon and I am praying and pouring over words. My fingers pass over these keys like ghosts; I dream of words, these strange, bodiless letters floating around in my head. They come alive.

The excitement is tangible. Seeing these dear ones, the old friends and the new. Sharing Jesus with ones such as these is a gift. The P31 ladies are a special ministry. They instruct and inspire, laugh and cry, posture and expose…I applaud them all. Beautiful from the inside out.

There is a story behind each beautiful face. They share their stories with grace. The longer I live the more I learn: everyone has a story. And: stories have healing power. Yes, it is true. That is one reason God’s love letter to us contains so many stories. That is one reason our Lord and Savior used stories to teach. They reach a place in our heart so deep that words cannot penetrate unless…they tell a story.

So tonight, I am grateful. I am so grateful for stories that inspire, for stories that heal.

And the Endless Gifts continue…

53. Stories

54. Words…dancing in my head, dancing on the page. Breathe life into these words, Lord.

55. Anticipation.

56. Planning a trip.

57. Summer vacation.

58. Sorry! A board game.

59. Heat lightening at night.

60. The song of the cicadas.

61. Mary DeMuth, author/speaker/teacher to me.

62. A butterfly hatching from nine year old’s chrysalis (named fluffy)

63. Catching up on email with an old friend…seeing a picture taken by her IMac cam of she and little girls faces jammed in the frame. Beautiful.

64. Dreaming…What if?

65. Walking with a friend.

66. Laughing with a friend.

67. Praise bands with drummer and bass player!

68. Music. Oh, Lord, thank you for music.

69. Bowser in my bed.

70. Sunscreen.

To be continued….

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  1. says

    I am going to She Speaks also!! I am so excited! Can’t wait to learn all I can fit into my brain from those talented and blessed ladies.
    I hope to meet you there! I enjoyed reading your blog and will visit again!

  2. says

    I heard you were going… Shanda told me. That’s awesome. I hope you have a wonderful time. I can only imagine how much fun it will be meeting other “bloggers” face to face.

    I know Papa will pour those words out of you….there planted in your heart….


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