Firework Blessings

Hello, Dear Ones! I pray your Fourth of July was full of fireworks! We picnicked with family and friends and had our very own back yard fireworks show here in our little valley home.

Today, we are enjoying the freedom of being lazy. No deep thoughts today, just being. Watching the rain falling down, sending up prayers.

Such gratitude there is, in this heart today. The joy of simple pleasures has filled my soul to overflowing. Blessings play out like a movie in my mind, and I am happy.

What blesses you today, Dear friends? Let those sparks explode in your heart and shower out over your world!


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    I am thankful for you, tonight. I love the way you draw me to God when I read your posts. I visit you, knowing what I’ll get when I come. And I always do. He uses your words in my life, and I praise Him for it!

    I went back and caught up on some of your recent posts. (Forgive me for not visiting sooner, but I am working against a few deadlines right now) I loved your one from June 30th where you talked about your running and your “fasting” experiences. Rich. Really rich, Laura.

    And on a less serious note, I loved the dog post. Way too cute. You are a clever one, my friend!

    Much love,
    Lisa 🙂

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    Thankful for your reflective post tonight…I am thankful for my 8 blessed years of motherhood (my oldest turned 8 today!) and my 2 sleeping little boys and a fun-filled family vacation that has ended safely! Happy 4th!!

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    In the midst of overwhelming loneliness and unexpected rejection, I am blessed by my God Who is so present even though His children may not be. God is good no matter what. With gratitude for you. Bev

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    Laura, Thanks for the encouragement to simply “be” and enjoy the blessings. Here in Charlotte in the midst of an “extreme draught” we are experiencing a third day of showers – truly showers of blessings. For that I am joyful. God is provider and He will give me exactly what I need.

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