Life Lessons

There is a joy in service that I desire my children to experience. It is a gift that cannot be cherished until opened.

Yesterday, we served.

And we were in good company.

This is Mrs. Helen Baxter, who has worked faithfully at our local Community Cupboard since its founding in 1982.

The cupboard is supported by our local ministry association, is staffed by area churches who take turns working. Hundreds of families are provided with food through this organization.

The boys enjoyed their first time as volunteers.

Filling orders.

Stocking commodities.

Taking a break.

Orders, ready to go home with someone.

“How do you know they really need the food?” Teddy asks. “How do you know they aren’t lying?”

I remember, standing in long lines as a young girl to receive government commodities. Face burning in shame.

“Would you come here, if you didn’t need to?”

He thinks.


“We trust. And if a few people take advantage, it is worth it to help those in need.”

He is thinking of things he would not have to ponder if we were not here, offering our hands in help.

We will be back.


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    That is so cool! I think it is great to teach our children to serve others. That is what our salvation is all about! Following in Jesus’ footsteps!

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    Great post! You are so inspiring!
    (I tagged you over at my place, friend! No pressure, but if you have time I’d love to read your responses!!)

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    That’s great!! I love that you are teaching them to give back to those in need.

    I have volunteered at work to help with granting a wish for Make-A-Wish this year. I absolutely love this program and have always wanted to find a way to be involved. We don’t have a lot of money to give, but I can give my time and talent. I have already told them that my girls could also be available for any part they needed. I think it will be good for them too.

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    What a wonderful blessing at a young age to learn to give unconditionally. We have a food give away every six weeks at my church. No questions asked.

    I have a new post. It says Wed. but it was posted Friday.

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    Having been on both ends of this scene, the needing end and the serving end I totally agree with your showing your boys God’s provision in action!

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    What a blessing for you and your children!
    We took our boys one Thanksgiving and served at a men’s shelter. It was eye opening for our boys as much as it was for us.

    We have so much to be thankful for, amen?:)

    God Bless,

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    That is so neat that you are teaching your children to serve and to see the need to help others who are less fortunate.
    I work in our church office and we have a food pantry. We have so many who come needing food. Just yesterday I bet I took 8 calls inquiring about a food box.
    You gave Teddy the right answer when he asked how you know if they are lying or not. We trust and do what we are told to do and we don’t miss a blessing.
    Great post Laura! Your kids are so cute.

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