Missing Someone

“I miss you, Mommy.”

His voice was heavy with tears.

“Can you come up here?”

It was around 9pm. My boys had left that morning to spend a couple days with their grandma, a few short hours’ drive away.

“Oh, honey. It’s too late for mommy to drive all that way. But I’ll be thinking of you. I love you. I’ll be there to get you before you know it.

Just talking seemed to calm him, and he sounded better by the end of our conversation.

It had been a long day without my sweeties. I must admit, I was a bit lost without them. I began to wonder what I ever did before we had children. When I am apart from them, a part of me is missing. Things never feel quite right until we are back together again.

I remember when they were infants, the times I had to leave them for short periods. Whether it was for errands or a date with my husband, that time away from them set an ache so deep inside of me that it became a physical thing. Nothing quieted that sense of urgency until I had them in my arms again.

I remember asking my mother, “Does it ever change? Do you ever stop worrying over them like this?”

She laughed and then looked me in the eye.

“It never does.”

I recall a dear patient I had the pleasure of working with. She was well in her eighties. She had just undergone hip or knee surgery and had had a stroke during the procedure. Her son, who was in his sixties, lived several states away. She was beside herself with worry that he was traveling to be with her.

“He has to watch his blood pressure! He cannot be fooling with me. He has to take care of himself!”

I silently chuckled to myself.

I guess it never does change.

Love creates a tangible presence. Even when the beloved is gone, they are still with us. Love makes them more real than anything we can touch.

So it is true for the One who is Love.

Though I cannot see His face, I carry His love with me just as surely as if it were a person walking beside me. Truly, I believe it is.

Love is real.

But it cannot be grasped. It cannot be touched.

Only intimated in hugs and kisses. A glance or a touch. Maybe a breath, a word…

What makes love real?

It is inside of us.

An ache so deep it becomes tangible.

We can taste it, smell it, knead it between our fingers.

This is God.

Do you feel Him?

He is there.

Love defies science. Defies the laws of nature. There is no visible evidence for such a thing.

Yet, it is.

And so is He. God is Love.


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    My 18-year-old daughter sees me in a different light now that she is a mother. She now understands how much I love her and that all those times it seemed I was being harsh and cruel, I was just being a mother.

    I like what you wrote about being able to feel Gods presence, His love. It may not be visible but it’s there.

    Blessings and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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    Thank you so much for your post on my blog! It was very encouraging. And you’re right…my mom is wonderful. If I had anyone else for a mom I probably would not have turned out as well as I did! Thank you once again

  3. says

    I never knew until I had my children that I could love any one person so much!! It brings tears to my eyes when I think about God loving me like I love my children…only MUCH, MUCH better!

    Thanks for the reminder. I was touched!

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    Oh Laura, this is so true.
    When I was away on my trip, my heart physically ached for my husband, my children, and my family.
    There I was on the other side of the Earth, and all I could think was how I loved them so much, and how I wanted to see them, hear them, and hold them.
    It is so real.
    And it’s overwhelming to think that God feels the same way about me….about all of us.

    God Bless you friend!

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    Every time I come here I am blown away at the beauty of your words. Your heart is so stunning…it is such a light bearer.

    The words you write are like the poetry of the soul…
    so beautiful, so real, so stirring.

    You have blessed me today.

    His love, oh his powerful love…

    PS. Thanks for loving on my girl! : )

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