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This morning as I drink my coffee, a flock of goldfinches are playing in the trees beyond my window. Their summer feathers shine golden in the morning sun and their playful flight sets my spirit soaring. So much beauty to behold!

I felt led to share the vision with you, and something in the feeling reminded me of some lines from the book I’m reading.

“…For me writing has always felt like praying, even when I wasn’t writing prayers, as I was often enough. You feel that you are with someone. I feel I am with you now, whatever that can mean…” (pp. 19, Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson)

Is that not beautiful? This book is breaking my heart, it has such lovely prose. I picked it up after meeting with Miranda Gardner at SheSpeaks. Miranda is one of the acquisition editors at Kregel Publishing. We had a lovely conversation, and she asked me if I had read Gilead. I’m so glad she did, because this book is a blessing. I’m sure I’ll share more about it as I progress through.

Isn’t it amazing, this hold that writing has on us? It does feel like praying to me, it does feel like you are here with me…Writing has become one of the spiritual disciplines for me, just as fasting, and reading my Bible. I have to write about my Lord!

What a gift to have this community to share this love with.


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    I feel the same way. This blogging community is something that is so much more than a hobby.
    I love it and try to explain to my friends and family and I’m not so sure they understand.
    Each person has a story and their lives bless me so much.
    I remember reading yours a few months ago and your story really touched me. Thank you for being so honest and open. Seeing your life now is such a testimony of God’s faithfulness.
    Also, thank you for the sweet comment. I am so blessed to have a daughter like Kristen. She does love the Lord with all her heart and to me that’s the greatest gift a mom could ask for.
    I’m anxious to hear more about the book you’re reading.
    Have a great week, Laura!
    Love you,

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    Yea, I feel the same way…when I write I am letting my heart out….

    It feels beautiful to release what He is storing up inside me….

    I pray it is a “fragrant offering” unto Him.

    Hugs & Love

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    I’ll have to check into that book….

    Just to clarify on the sending gifts to Delia — it’s because I know someone traveling to Ecuador (I met them at She Speaks!) and she will take it into the country for me. Then when she meets her Compassion child, she will hand it off to the Compassion worker.

    Typically, it is only flat and light weight things that we can send. So, I feel blessed to be able to send some other things!

    I hope you are having a great day.

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    Oh, how the Author of Life must feel the same way as He breathes His Word onto the page…

    just Him and I…

    beautiful thought this post painted on my soul…

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    Thank you for sharing this. I had never thought of it before, but yes writing is much like prayer. It makes me think, ponder, and examine things more deeply.

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    I’m with ya on this Laura! There’s just something about being able to let out what God has put in my heart. When I try to write on my own it really shows. I have to let Him be in control of the keyboard or pen whatever I’m using to express how I feel about Him.
    Thanks for the prayers for my sweet Alyssa.
    God is so good!

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    So true! If the Lord loves to hear the heart of His people maybe that’s why I enjoy reading the prayers and writings of all of our bloggy friends. Open, Honest, from the heart. Beautiful. Thanks friend!

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    I so agree. When I’m composing a blog post, I feel so close to God. I’m formulating His Words that He’s placed on my heart and I’m searching His Word for just the right scripture to include and compliment the words He’s given me.

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    I must agree! This blogging community is something that is so much more than just a hobby. I can not tell you how many stories I’ve read that have made me laugh or smile at a time when things weren’t going so well, or all the times someone else’s story has made me more appreciative of the blessings I have been given, or the times that so many of these amazing people have uplifted my spirits and inspired me.

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