Summer Fun

Boredom has settled in. The boys have been bickering a little more. Whining has become a frequent activity. In the wake of a particularly irking conflict, we came up with a fun summer activity to distract: Dress up with Lucy Mae.

That seventies look.

Hula girl.

Garden party.

Sophisticated lady.

Princess Lucy.

Simple, yet elegant.

Role model.

This is how she looked when it was all over.

How about you? What are some fun summer activities you have done to stave off boredom?


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    The boredom hasn’t kicked in here yet, but with a month of bedrest I’m sure it will…And thanks to you, now I know how to have fun with Allie.:)You are so funny!:) And my son Daniel has that exact scary mask; he is a lover of all things creepy.:)

    I wanted to let you know, that tomorrow, whenever you get a chance, stop by my blog, I have something for you.:)

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    What’s boredom? Haha.
    I enjoyed your photos. How funny. As I looked at them, I wondered what the dog was thinking…he appears a little “straight faced” like okay, what now. Next, please.

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    Oh what our pets endure because they love us!!!heehee CUTE pics! By the way you recently posted that you needed to color up your blog and complimented me very sweetly about mine….but let me tell you that you glorify the Lord so much in your blog that you don’t need anything fancy to make it special…it already is!
    God Bless

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    I don’t know how I missed this adorable post???
    I was helping my friend Bev get a blog started and I was showing and telling her a little about all of blogging friends and we came across this and I said, “I didn’t see this!” How cute! You just crack me up. Luci Mae just seems as content as can be.
    How fun.
    I haven’t been bored at all yet. I remember how it is with the kids in the summer though. They always say they’re bored.
    Thanks for sharing. Check out my friend Bev’s blog. We just got her started yesterday. It’s listed at the top of my favorites but it’s
    Have a great weekend.

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