When I dream of Michelangelo

We drive with the windows rolled down and the air conditioning on. For on this hot summer day, it is not enough to be cool, but we must feel the breeze whip our hair around our faces as well. We have the music loud and it fills the air around us, drifting out the open windows and spilling into the road we leave behind.

This is the feeling from my youth. This wild abandon. Running away from home. A windblown reckless feeling. Music filling the air, calming our raw emotions.

But this is different. A happy running away.

More a running to.

They had their swim lesson this morning and I can see that good kind of tired on their faces. They are lulled into quiet by the sound of the road, and the wind, and the music…

I wonder what they are thinking behind those quiet eyes.

We are on a mission.

To the craft store.

To buy this:

Because I feel the need for color again. To see the paints ooze out onto my palette in that heady way they do.

It makes me dizzy, all that color.

But I need to see it big.

To fill in these white places, this emptiness. To write a story with this color.

God spoke to Jeff last night through a song again, and I feel Him singing over us. I need to color it in…all this joy.

This stark emptiness stares back at me, and I see myself. I feel how He paints me; filling in the color—deliberately at times, exuberantly others.

Coloring these empty places, sketching a life that breathes His glory.


  1. says

    I am so excited to see your finished product. What a blessing to have such talent. I love color and I love it on the walls. That’s about as much painting as I can do. I love to see the transformation of a room/house. Every single room in my house is a color (and not white) except for the small 1/2 bath downstairs. Then you have my momma’s house which is nothing but white.

    Blessings my friend.
    Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement.

  2. says

    I have this same canvas but I am afraid to start. I’ve never painted and originally it was for my teenage son to use for art for his walls. It’s been in my garage for too long. Hmm, maybe there’s a reason. I love your heart and the call to color your world.

    Thanks for visiting my blog this week. Always love hearing from you.

  3. says

    Just this morning I was driving with my sun roof open and the air conditioner blowing away. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the finished picture. My mom is an artist. She painted our church baptistry??sp
    I can’t even draw a straight line.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. says

    I am so impressed with you: running, writing, painting… what in the world can’t you do 🙂
    What an amazing way to express yourself!!! You’ll definintely have to post the final product!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. says

    Your words are so inspiring, my friend, that I thought..”oh, I’d love to paint!” but then I remembered I am NOT a painter!! So I’ll go read a book and leave the painting to you…can’t wait to see the beauty you create!!


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