A night alone with hubs last night. A grown up night. A night to stay up late and a morning of sleeping in. A day to miss our boys and contemplate the blessings of a grandmother.

We left yesterday morning and drove the three hours or so to one of our favorite fun cities: Columbus, OH.

May I just say how much I love driving with my husband? There is something so intimate about sitting close beside him and breathing the same air, sharing that little space for an extended time. No need to talk, minds drifting in parallel, taking in the scenery, listening to music…conscious of the other simply as an extension of my being; miles and miles of rows of corn and soybeans lulling me into a state of relaxation that can happen with no other but this one at my side.

This short escape from life filling me with expectation and excitement…feelings so easily forgotten in the grown up world.

Expectation…of visiting some of our favorite places.

Excitement…at the freedom of it all.

Sharing a getaway is one thing that keeps our marriage fresh. We hold hands as we walk up these familiar, yet new again, streets. The touch, too, is familiar, yet somehow new again. Conversation shared becomes deeper, no longer just a means of passing on information; but a searching, an expedition into profound knowing. We laugh, and realize that, yes, we are truly best friends.

These places are special because of the one I share them with. Not because of any physical thing they hold or have to offer.

Let me encourage you to go on an intimate journey with someone you love today.

The North Market, a cacophony of sights, smells, delights.

The Book Loft–32 rooms of scrumptious! Plus the outdoor booksale.

The Patio.


In the German Village.

Our favorite coffee shop: The Cup ‘O Joe.
Doggies welcome.


Bread at the Katzinger Deli. We got a loaf of Italian. But the sourdough was great!

Cup ‘O Joe patrons.

The Gordon Biersch Brewery. A great place to get a lager. And award winning garlic fries!

Enjoying a lager.

Last stop for the evening was Barley’s Brewpub. Perhaps that’s why there are no more pictures?


  1. says

    What great pictures!

    And please just let me say, “You look beautiful!” 😉
    Date night obviously agrees with you.
    You are glowing.:)

    I absolutely love your choice of word for describing the Book Loft~ scrumptious! 🙂

    I am already looking forward to the first time that Shannon and I can go on a date again…..But tomorrow counts as one (sort of), because we will be alone……We still count it as a date even if it is at the neurosurgeon’s office. (And because he promised me a Starbucks.) 🙂

    Scrumptious! 😉

    God Bless,

  2. says

    With tears in my eyes, I feel like I’ve just read a beautiful love novel, perhaps even one of my own. How to travel with the love of your life…to share the sights of new and old…to feel the touch of one’s hand…

    May God forgive me for coveting what you’ve described in this post. As He forgives me, I trust Him to restore to me not what I had with my beloved but something so much greater. May one day I be sharing on my blog such a beautiful, romantic love adventure as you have described.
    I’ve always wanted to know what you looked like. You are pretty!!

  3. says

    I got my book in the mail and can’t wait to read it. I’ve been going like crazy since it arrived and then had company until just a bit ago. Thank you so much for sending it and for the sweet words you wrote.
    I love this post. What a great get-away with your hubbie. I love all of your pictures. I’m so happy you had a chance to go.

  4. says

    wonderful! What a blessed get away!! I, too, LOVE traveling with my man! What a privilage to be married to such precious men!

    I would have gotten lost in the Book Loft, though, my poor hubby would STILL be following me as I peruse the books…my second love!!

    *oh, and I DID get to attend Beth’s silmulcast…it spoke right to me! (as she usually does!) I’m sorry you missed it, but you ‘date’ was worth it, I’m sure!!

    hugs to you~

  5. says

    I always enjoy your smile! Sounds like the perfect time spent together. Day and I love to just get in the car and drive, too.
    I hope that time together lasts a long time! Thanks again for all your prayers.

  6. says

    Oh what a beauty you are. Loved seeing you up close and personal. You radiate the beauty within.

    I am so glad you got away with your hubby. It does a girl good to get away and be….

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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