This morning, the sky was an heirloom. Soft folds of wispy white clouds drew patterns across a canvas of blue, ancient lace hung over the sky.

Underneath this tablecloth sky…I run.

The rhythm of my breath gives voice to silent prayers, and as the miles tick off beneath my pounding feet, I feel them with me—those lifted up like incense.

Gratitude, heavy–yet lending my feet weightless, seems to run alongside me.

I am praying for my friends.

I think of a friend who is under the weather.

I want to bless her.

Later, as I prepare her dinner, two other friends stop by.

I kick the pile of shoes out of the doorway as they come in. I clear the piles of papers from the table, conscious of my dirty kitchen floor.

They sit as I cook.

And the food is all the better for the conversation we share.

They offer help, but it is almost done. And my heart remembers something my mother-in-law always tells me: The best help you can give is to keep me company while I work.

I understand.

These smiling faces. These faces I love…

This community of friends.

How blessed I am, Oh Lord!

I have been feeling out of place. Out of sorts.

Leaving one church…not sure of another? In each place I feel like I don’t belong. I stand on this threshold, between the two. Not able to move forward. Not able to step back.

I have been living far too much in my skin. Perceptions change when I long to bless others. Take the focus to Him. Not me.

The meal is delivered. I pray it blesses.

Later, I talk to my friend. One of the sitting, smiling ones.

She remembers…

“After my surgery, I’ve never felt closer to the church; when you guys brought us food. That was really nice.”

I, too, remember times when my family was blessed in this way.

This community of friends, the ones I commune with; we are not contained by the walls of a church.

Our lives are intertwined like the lacy patterns in the sky.

Today I realize this for the first time.


  1. says

    It is such a blessing to receive food for your family from people who truly care about you.

    During my “hidden season” I told my husband, my blogging friends have been the most amazing blessing to me.
    I have just been blown away by the outpouring of love and prayers.
    It has been like church for me, since I have been stuck in this house.

    And what a blessing for you to get to help your friend. I know that is my heart’s desire now…I want to help others the way my family and I have been helped.

    Giving is much better than receiving, amen?:)

    God Bless,

  2. says

    You are blessed indeed. Friendships are a blessing. I’ve had those close friends at times but it seems like I’m in a dry desert of friends right now except for some wonderful blogging friends. Oh how I long for face to face friends, the kind that stop by unannounced just to kick back for a short time of visting. I pray He leads the way to this.

    I’d love to hear how things are going with you. Email me. I think I sent you an email regarding your son. I’d have to check my sent box but I remember you sharing about your son on your blog and me unsure of something so I emailed you.

    Amy is right…it is better to give that to receive.

  3. says

    The greatest gift I can give is to be a friend. I read that somewhere and then a friend gave me a lovely stained glass with those words. I love you for walking with me as I wander around in the jungle! If I lived down the street from you, believe me- you would shove your piles aside for me to enter your hospitable home many many times. And I would do the same for you! God knows I thank Him for you and for your prayers.

  4. says

    I too have been living in my own skin too much lately. I get to the point of being sick of me! Thanks for these well-expressed words. It is good to know that someone else shares the same feelings. Intertwined, though we’ve never ‘met’ ! I love how God is spreading wide my idea of community!

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