Leaving the World Behind

Leaving the world behind today…

I felt the weight lift the further we drove away from home.

The mountains were sheathed in fog, but my carefree heart only saw bridal garb.

Beautiful. This fading in and out of seeing seemed so reminiscent of life.

And now, as I turn my back on the typical, as I prepare for a week of Sabbath; now I feel I am seeing clearly.

With every breath, I inhale Spirit. I focus on Him, and so He is here…more real than He has been for a while.

For, in the humdrum of living, I sometimes leave Him behind.

But this week, I promise to slow down. To experience Him fully. To feel His breath on my cheek.

We drive and drive. Expectation makes the time go quickly. When we arrive, some things must be done to make our nest for a week a home.

Jeffrey places old friends on his pillow to make sleep sweeter.

But quickly, boys must get sand between their toes.

And in their hair, and in their shorts, and in their eyes…

The sun is setting behind us, but still, they must say hello to the ocean.

My feet wiggle in the sand too, feeling the earth pulled out from under me as I gaze into the depths of beauty.

The sun sinks lower, light tickles water.

I breathe.

Salt, and sand, and sea spray tingle my skin.

Still, boys play. Digging, building, laughing…

Oh, so carefree.

I sit and watch.

Hear the waves sing to me. Tell Him how beautiful He is.

We are on holiday.


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    Enjoy your holiday. I’m assuming that’s a picture of you. You’re beautiful! Enjoy your time away, and take a few deep breaths! Jesus is near. Amen!


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    Ditto to what Nicole said!:)

    Enjoy yourself and your family.
    Breathe in some of that ocean air for me!

    I look forward to more pictures and stories about your time on holiday.

    God Bless,

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